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Bundle Up Your Little Boo In These 18 Adorable Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween approaching faster than your baby can crawl, you're probably scrambling to find the perfect costume for them. These 18 baby carrier costumes are great for moms who want to be able to participate in Halloween festivities without pushing a stroller or chasing a newly-running toddler. It's like being able to wear the ultimate couple's costume, only your costume partner is attached to your body.

Being pregnant on Halloween comes with a plethora of adorable costumes that show off your baby bump, and once your baby grows into a preschooler, dressing them up as a cute character for Halloween is practically a no-brainer. But the awkward newborn to toddler stage? That can be a bit tricky. Luckily, wearing your baby in a baby carrier provides an opportunity to dress both yourself and your baby up in a festive way.

The majority of this list of baby carrier Halloween costumes works best with soft structured or buckle carriers, but several could be adapted to work with a ring sling or wrap-style carrier as well depending on what carrier you and your baby feel most comfortable in. This type of costuming for your baby is especially helpful when you have older kids to roam around the neighborhood with looking for the house with the best candy.

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Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf

If your baby is a little older, you can wear them forward facing in a carrier with this Little Red Riding hood costume. Although this costume totally busts the myth that the Big Bad Wolf is really that big and bad, your baby dressed as a wolf is probably going to be one of the cutest things ever. The wolf part of the costume slips over the front of your baby carrier and the stuffed arms and legs hang freely, while you don a separate red hooded cape.


Octopus & Diver

Take your baby under the sea this Halloween with this octopus and diver baby carrier costume. Because the octopus cover and matching head piece are not connected, your baby can wear this costume when front-facing in their carrier or when facing you. It even works well if you're wearing your baby on your back. The diver's mask and flipper shoe covers can be worn with an all-black top and bottoms that you likely already have in your closet.


Bee Keeper & Bumble Bee

You might not be looking forward to telling people to buzz off when you're out and about on Halloween with your baby and they're not maintaining your preferred level of social distance. When your baby is snug and secure in a baby carrier (and wearing this adorable bee costume over it), the likelihood of that scenario playing out plummets. It also allows you to wear a really nifty beekeeper hat and netting to protect your own face as well.



Dressing up your baby as a scrumptious snack for Halloween is just deliciously fun. This baby carrier cover features a classic red and white striped popcorn bucket design that fits right over the outside of your baby's carrier and comes complete with a popcorn covered hat.


Safari Guide & Lion

This safari guide and lion baby carrier costume from Walmart is perfect for wearing on Halloween when you're guiding an entire gaggle of kids all around the neighborhood. Bonus points if you dress your other children up like wild animals as well.


Chef & Lobster

You probably already feel like a short order cook when your kids are making special dinner requests left and right each and every night (No, I will not be making three different meals, thank you very much.) so why not take it one step further and dress like a chef for Halloween? Your baby in a baby carrier will make the cutest little lobster sidekick in this baby carrier Halloween costume from Party City.


Pirate & Mermaid

Arrrg! No need to walk the plank if you can't decide what to wear this Halloween — just let your baby take the lead in this shiny mermaid baby carrier cover while you sport an easy-to-wear pirate hat and eye patch.



No bones about it, this skeleton baby carrier costume is frighteningly adorable. This carrier cover comes complete with a skull cap to keep baby's head warm and a cute red heart accent to make the entire costume just a bit less creepy and way more cuddly.



It is pretty much inevitable that dressing your kid up as a pumpkin for Halloween is going to happen at some point. Just like your little one, the jack-o-lantern on this pumpkin carrier costume is cute, smiley, and just has one tooth. And when you add the orange hat with a green stem coming out of the top to the whole getup, you have a Halloween baby carrier costume that seriously could not get any more charming.


A Burger & Fries

Think inside the bun with this amazing burger and fries costume loosely inspired by In-N-Out Burger’s packaging. The burger fits over most soft carriers, and you could wear all white and an In-N-Out hat, or you opt to be another condiment like ketchup. Just know wherever the day takes you, you’ll be getting stopped by strangers saying, aww.


Secret Service Agent & POTUS

Your baby already rules your world, so you might as well let them be your POTUS for the night. This year, we’re sure to see a ton of politically oriented costumes (for better or worse) and this costume gives you an excuse to wear an easy black dress, sensible flats, plus sunglasses outside (so you don’t need to spend time doing any makeup).


Robber & Money Bag

This unisex costume will easily fit any caregiver and it includes a mask, beanie, carrier cover, and a baby headband that looks like it’s made of dollar bills. All you need to do is supply the black and white striped shirt, and you’ve got a costume in minutes.


A Good (Or Bad) Witch

This lightweight costume uses satin ribbons to tie around your carrier, so your baby will look dressed to impress, but they can still be wearing their coziest onesie (or even their PJs). It comes with a witch hat headband, and you can dress the part too by wearing a black dress (or, if you’re like me, one of the witch costumes you have leftover from the past 20 years).


Creepy Crawler

Not all spiders are scary (just think about Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web) and this baby carrier costume proves that arachnids can actually be quite cute. In addition to the cover, you’ll get the cute headpiece for your babe, and the witch hat so you’ll be ready in a flash.


A Dragon With A Hat

I can’t get enough of this sweet dragon costume and apparently one reviewer, who said she decided to leave it on her baby’s carrier year-round, can’t either. The great thing about this is that in addition to a costume, you get a funky dragon hat that they’ll wear all winter, plus as your child gets older you can tie the costume around their back so they can wear it again, this time without you carrying them.


A Chef With Spaghetti

It’s hard not to laugh when you see this costume equipped with a chenille hat that looks exactly like spaghetti on your baby’s head. The carrier is made to look like a pot and is topped with meatballs, plus you’ll get a chef’s hat that you can pair with black pants and a white shirt.


A Honey Pot

Now you can show the world (or, okay, your neighbors) how sweet your baby is. They’ll stay cozy in this felt and flannel baby carrier cover costume that comes with our without a headband. You could go as Winnie The Pooh or or a bumble bee to finish the look.

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