Dear Parents: There Is Now Baby Shark Bedding At Walmart For The Truly Obsessed

Whether you love it or you hate it, if you have a child under the age of about 5, you've heard the catchy ear worm that is "Baby Shark" — and your kid is most definitely obsessed. And when your kid is obsessed with something, it is bound to take over your entire house — starting with their room. Now, thanks to this adorable Baby Shark bedding at Walmart, your kid can snuggle up with those lovable sharks each and every night.

With Baby Shark mania in full swing thanks to the recent announcement of Baby Shark Live! and the possibility of a Baby Shark television show on Nickelodeon, your kids are probably even more interested in all things Baby Shark related. What's a parent to doo-doo-doo-do-do when their kid is obsessed with a certain colorful shark family? Cover their entire bed in sheets, pillows, and blankets with said shark family, of course.

If you happen to have a child who is shamelessly begging for Baby Shark blankets and pillows, now is your time to shine as a parent. Baby Shark bedding is available exclusively at Walmart, and you can help feed your child's Baby Shark obsession for less money than you probably spent on Baby Shark Live! tickets for the whole family.

The Baby Shark sheet set is available to fit twin-sized and full-sized mattresses, and includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases for just under $30 for a full set, and just under $20 for a twin set. The sheets feature the entire Baby Shark crew in all of their brightly-colored glory, as well as bubbles, starfish, jellyfish, and other fishy friends on a solid background. The flat sheet has a grey-colored background, and the fitted sheet and pillowcases are a pretty aqua color.

The Baby Shark comforter is fully reversible, so your child can choose to decorate their bed with either the characters of the Baby Shark family swimming in a light blue sea, or their fish and sea creature friends on a dark blue background on the reverse side. The fully machine-washable comforter fits both full and twin sized beds, and will cost you about $30. Included with purchase of the comforter is a coordinating pillow sham so that your child can rest their shark-loving head on a pillow featuring the whole Baby Shark crew.

To complete your child's shark-iest room ever, you'll probably want to add this plush Baby Shark throw blanket. The blanket has all of the shark family members lined up singing the infamous "Doo Doo Doo" line on a 62x90 inch throw. With this blanket, your kid can snuggle up in soft, Baby Shark goodness both in their bed and on the go. I also don't put it past those shark-loving kids to tie the throw blanket around their neck like a cape and run around the house pretending to be a super shark hero.

If your kid needs even more Baby Shark gear (Because really, who does not?), Walmart has an entire collection of Baby Shark toys for your kiddo available Aug. 5. They can build their own Baby Shark family with the Baby Shark Play Doh Set, and dance around unrelentingly with Baby Shark puppets and cube plushes. And if their bathroom also needs a Baby Shark makeover, Walmart has you covered with Baby Shark towels and bath toys. Before you know it, Baby Shark will take over your entire house, just like that catchy tune has taken over the minds and hearts of children everywhere.