People are making Baby Yoda snow sculptures affectionately called "Snowdas."

Move Over Frosty The Snowman, People Are Making "Baby Snowdas" & They're Impressive

Baby Yoda is everywhere. Despite the fact that the first season of The Mandalorian is over, the adorable creature continues to bring out the creative side of Star Wars fans. Even during winter when it's often too cold to get those creative juices flowing, people are making Baby Yoda snow sculptures affectionately called "Snowdas." And no offense to Frosty the Snowman, but he might have gone somewhat out of fashion this year.

Baby Yoda is not even really called Baby Yoda, the character is actually called The Child on the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian — but fans don't much care. They needed a unifying moniker for the little creature in order to come up with all the memes, songs, toys, and yes, even car bumper stickers with his image to remind other drivers that "The Child Is On Board."

Now people are taking all that Baby Yoda love outdoors even though it is kind of too cold to do anything outdoors. Still, people across the country are braving the cold to get outside and create new snow sculptures to honor the one and only Baby Yoda. Like this award-winning sculpture at the Saint Paul, Minnesota Winter Carnival, which creators Jason Moe, Shelden Moe and Kevin Wynn took two-and-a-half days to sculpt, as they told TIME. It was worth it though, they did take home the "People's Choice" award for snow sculpting. It is a seriously impressive "Baby Snowda."

Not all of the "Baby Snowdas" were so elaborate, however. Some people worked on their own versions in their yards on a smaller scale. Which makes sense since Baby Yoda himself is on a smaller scale, right?

One social media user created a "Baby Snowda" with his son, as he wrote on Twitter, using up almost all of the snow in his yard to make it. This proud dad explained, "Baby Yoda snowman achievement unlocked. @Jon_Favreau, I did this well under budget, only $25,000 and 1 crew member (son)."

Another Star Wars fan might have kept to their own yard to create a "Baby Snowda" but that didn't mean they went for something small. As their neighbor noted with an impressive photo on Twitter, "Kudos to my Tosa neighbors who built a six foot tall Baby Yoda snowman!!"

All in all, people appeared to just be trying to find a way to get outside and make the best of winter the same way they always have, but with a Baby Yoda twist.

It's difficult to figure out how much longer baby Yoda will keep fans so engrossed. At least until the snow melts on these creations, I think.