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These 13 Stunning Mastectomy Tattoos Honor The Beauty In Survival

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Many women are looking for mastectomy tattoos to reclaim their bodies after an unfortunate reality when it comes to breast cancer, but some women don't let the cancer make that choice for them. My mom decided to have a double mastectomy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her right breast to make sure it never had the opportunity to come back in either side, and she is most definitely one of the most courageous women I know.

The person who did her reconstructive surgery didn't do a stellar job, and I know it bothers her that her new breasts aren't the shape she wants them to be in and that her nipples aren't where she'd like them to be. So many people find themselves in the same position, and after battling cancer, it seems completely unfair that they also have to worry about this.

Luckily, there are tons of mastectomy tattoo ideas, whether you're trying to cover a mastectomy scar, taking something hurtful and hard from your past and making it beautiful, or even creating realistic nipples after you've lost yours. The following tattoo artists are amazing in their craft and even more amazing because they specialize in something as personal and important as a mastectomy tattoo.

Looking for a tattoo artist who can do a design like one of these for you? is an organization that tries to connect breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who can give them a tattoo that's incredibly special for them. If you're looking to have one done, I'd highly recommend checking them out. It's clearly a very touching and empowering experience.


Floral Scar Cover

Tracy Kane's work is decorative and beautiful in this scar cover-up floral piece. I love the detail, but also how simple it looks in black and white. Just gorgeous.



Missouri-based tattoo artist Kerry Soraci also specializes in post-mastectomy work, as well as Art Nouveau, mandala designs, flowers, and other natural subjects, according to her website. And this piece is a beautiful scar cover-up featuring one of her flower designs.


A Large Chest & Sternum Piece

Soraci's night blooming cereus piece fits as part of a larger chest piece, covering up any scarring there may have been from surgery.


A Whimsical Scar Cover-Up

Nobody, including you, will notice a scar when looking at this beautiful floral cover-up piece by Soraci. The flowing lines are beautiful and you almost miss the adorable hummingbird in there, which makes the piece even more fun.


Flower Nipples

Who says nipples have to be anatomically correct? Wouldn't it be cool if your nipples were flowers?


Complementing Floral Arrangements

Some people choose to not get reconstruction surgery, and this beautiful piece by Soraci is just so detailed and gorgeous, there's nothing missing at all.


One Natural and One Ornamental

Can't decide? Soraci did one natural 3D Areola tattoo and one ornamental piece. Both amazing.


Flower Power Nipples

Like I said, flower nipples are the coolest.


Whimsical Purple Flowers

This scar cover-up by Soraci is elegant and full of movement. Something super pretty to look at when you look in the mirror.


Gorgeous Sunflowers

Another creative and gorgeous take on a nipple — sunflowers.


Survivor Tattoo with Anemones

For those who want a pink ribbon for what it symbolises, but don't want it to be the main focus of the piece. Soraci nailed it with the anemones covering the scars.



The colors here are so vibrant and strong, just like the client who received this tattoo, I'm sure.

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