Belk's Black Friday Deals Are Slashing Prices On KitchenAid, Amazon Fire, & More

You don't want to be the mom who's on the shopping home stretch before Christmas morning, suddenly realizing she blew her entire budget on pajamas and stocking stuffers before making that one, big, must-have purchase. Save yourself from making that rookie mistake when you shop Belk's Black Friday deals. You'll get ahead of the game and save a bundle on the big ticket items your family's been asking for all year long.

This year, Belk's Black Friday sale starts on Thursday, Nov. 28 — also known as Thanksgiving Day for all of you non-shopping fools too busy scarfing turkey to appreciate a massive sale — and runs through Saturday, Nov. 30. The stellar steals will be offered both in store and online, so even if you don't live in an area with a Belk store nearby (to which I must say a sweet, southern, "Bless your heart") you can still snag savings and fill those Christmas lists faster than Santa's sleigh can fly.

A bevy of doorbuster deals on everyday household items like towels and linens include prices as low as $8, and you can get stocking stuffers like socks and spatulas for a steal at $5 each, but the best savings at Belk happen when you shop for those coveted gifts that typically fall in the arena of higher prices. Electronics like a Sylvania Alexa-Enabled Sound Bar with Bluetooth will typically run $120, but during Belk's Black Friday sale, you can buy one for just $60. The Google Nest Hub makes a great gift for your father-in-law who is super hard to buy for, and at just $79 on Black Friday, you can set aside that extra cash aside to buy him an nice birthday gift down the road instead of opting for your usual homemade grandkid card and store bought cupcake.

One of the best joint Christmas gifts my kids have ever received was a PlayStation 4 console. Despite the age gap of 8 years between my oldest and youngest, they all absolutely love playing video games together. While a PS4 will usually cost you a pretty penny, Belk's Black Friday Sale has console bundle's discounted by $100. If your kids aren't quite up to the task of sharing electronic devices, getting them each their own Amazon Fire Kids Tablet when they're on sale for $60 each for Black Friday is a total parenting win.

If you're reading this, you are probably the one fulfilling Christmas wishes for all of the important people in your life and you certainly deserve to be treated to an extra special Christmas gift this year. Send your significant other a text with a link to this killer deal on a KitchenAid stand mixer if you want to drop a friendly reminder that you also need to be shopped for this season. Although it's already seen a reduction in price ahead of the sale, the KitchenAid Artisan Stand 5-quart mixer will be marked down to $280 during Belk's Black Friday sale, so just make sure to specify which color you want because there are 34 gorgeous choices.

If you're more on the convenience-loving side of kitchen gadgets, Belk's Black Friday sale will also see generous savings on air fryers, coffee makers, and pressure cookers. Bella 1.6 Quart Manual Air Fryers are slated to be marked down from $60 to $20, while Keurig K-Select K80 Brewers will be discounted from $190 to $60, so your caffeine-loving self can save a bundle. One of the most popular items of the last few holiday seasons — the Instant Pot — will see a mark down from $150 to $70, saving you enough cash to buy it as well as a discounted air fryer and a Keurig for the original price of the pressure cooker.

In addition to savings on big ticket items, Belk's Black Friday sale will also include clothing deals like 25 percent off select Nike items, 60 percent off cold weather accessories (time for a seasonal sock up?), and 55 percent off men's Levi, Wrangler, and Lee denim. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to browse all of Belk's Black Friday deals in person, you can place your order online and pick up in store for free within 4 hours if you place your online order by 4 p.m. at most locations, saving you time and money.

These spectacular savings don't come around all that often, so be sure to take advantage of all that Belk has to offer during Black Friday, lest you wait another entire year to shop a 3-day long sale like your family's holly jolly happiness depends on it.