brad pitt and Jennifer aniston at the SAG awards
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Brad Pitt Says He's Unaware Of All The Jen Aniston Reunion Talk (Sure, Brad)

I'm not proud of myself for admitting this, but I am definitely one of those people who has been disproportionately attached to the idea of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt getting back together. And this is extra terrible because I was already a fully-formed adult when the couple had their problems their first time around. Do you know who is in no way attached to the constant gossip about the two formerly married actors? Brad Pitt, apparently. Pitt's reaction to the Jennifer Aniston reunion rumors has essentially been to remain "blissfully naive" of fans' ongoing speculation. So let's unpack that.

It's award season at the moment and both Aniston and Pitt are being lauded for two major performances in 2019; Pitt for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Aniston for the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. Because they are both being nominated for their roles at events like the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, it makes sense that they would run into each other. And when the couple greeted each other warmly (oh so warmly) at the SAG Awards last week, fans couldn't help but notice. And tweet about it constantly, wondering if this could mean the couple will reunite after divorcing in 2005, reported Marie Claire. Pitt's reaction to the speculation? Well, when asked about the social media furor over their reunion, he told Entertainment Tonight: “I don’t know. I’m blissfully naïve and I’m gonna stay that way."

Yes, but did he see this picture of himself tenderly holding Jennifer Aniston's hand while she playfully touched his chest? Did he?

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As for Aniston, she was a bit more... shall we say, dismissive of the talk about their reunion. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Sunday she called the media attention to her time with Pitt during awards season "hysterical," then when on to say, "But what else are they going to talk about?"

If you feel vaguely chastened by Jennifer Aniston right now please know that you are not alone. I'm right there with you.

As fun as it might be to speculate about whether or not this couple reunites, it's important to remember that they are actual real people with a potentially painful history. They were married when Pitt began to date Angelina Jolie, according to Vogue, divorcing in 2005 after five years of marriage when he and Jolie adopted their son Maddox together and going on to have five more children. Aniston married fellow actor Justin Theroux in 2015, as per People, and the pair announced they were separating in 2018. In other words, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have a lot more going on in their lives than fans might realize.

So perhaps I'll listen to Jennifer Aniston and realize it's all sort of "ridiculous." I do want her to like me, after all.