Here's What You Need To Know About Sipping Hot Honey & Lemon During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its own list of aches and pains, but when you get sick during pregnancy, it can get even tougher. When you weren’t pregnant, any symptom of the cold or flu would have you raiding your medicine cabinet, but now that you’re expecting, you need to find safer alternatives. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see thousands of natural cold relief concoctions, but honey and lemon seem to be the most popular. But can you have hot honey and lemon when pregnant? Is it safe?

There’s a huge list of things you can’t eat or drink while pregnant, but luckily, honey and lemon aren’t on that list. Chicago area pharmacist Bineesh Moyeed, Pharm.D tells Romper in an interview that honey and lemon, hot or cold, are perfectly safe to eat or drink during pregnancy. “A cup of homemade hot lemon and honey tea can actually be very soothing for a sore throat,” says Moyeed, “and honey in particular has been known to help reduce coughs.”

Moyeed says that the only time lemon and honey may become an issue is if you have gastrointestinal issues. “If you suffer from chronic heartburn or acid reflux, the acidity and sugar from the lemon and honey could be slightly irritating.” She suggests that you try and sip a little at time so that you can gauge whether or not it is irritating your system, or adding to your heartburn.

Now that you know honey and lemon are safe during pregnancy, you may want to know how to prepare it. The simplest way, like this recipe from A Healthy Slice of Life, is to add half a lemon (with the rind) and a tablespoon of raw honey into a mug of boiling water. The article noted that there is immune-boosting vitamin C in the lemon juice and the peel, and antibacterial and soothing properties in the honey. Together they can pack a punch in helping ease your symptoms.

When you are making your remedy at home, you can add or subtract whatever you need to. I found a couple of different variations that you can make, including this one from What’s Is My Belly in which you add diced ginger pieces, lemon juice, and honey to hot water. That recipe noted that ginger also has immune-boosting properties, along with helping with digestion, which makes it a great drink to quell morning sickness.

If you are in no mood to make a homemade version, you may be able to find honey lemon tea bags at your local grocery store, but it’s important that you take note of the ingredients. Many herbal teas have other added ingredients which could possibly be unsafe during pregnancy. There is no definitive evidence that certain herbs will harm your baby, noted Fit Pregnancy, but because herbs aren’t well regulated or researched, there’s no way of knowing how safe they are. The article mentioned that a few of the herbs that could possibly be unsafe include saw palmetto, goldenseal, dong qual, ephedra, yohimbe, passion flower, black cohosh, blue cohosh, roman chamomile, and pennyroyal.

If you are concerned about your health, or have questions about the safety of natural remedies, you should talk to your doctor. Your doctor can give you the advice and treatment options that are appropriate and safe for your specific situation. Getting sick while pregnant can be tough and difficult to manage, but as hard as it may be, try to get some rest. Hopefully with some much needed rest and a few cups of your hot honey and lemon tea, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

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