Can You Watch 'Lemonade' If You Don't Have A TV? This Is 2016, So Of Course You Can

It's no longer just a hipster statement. With just about any video you could ever hope to watch — and a few that need to go away — online, having a real, plug-into-the-wall television isn't really necessary anymore. And it just so happens the only video worth watching, ever, on any device, just dropped a few days ago courtesy of the one and only Beyoncé. Can you watch Lemonade if you don't have a TV? Please. It's 2016 now. You totally can watch Lemonade online and on just about any device with a screen. But it's gonna cost ya.

Queen Bey doesn't sing and dance for free. And, almost more than any other artist, she's mastered the technology and business model of delivering video and music on the Internet. She and her team have hit peak music business hustle with Lemonade.

First, HBO started airing promos for a mysterious world premiere event from Beyoncé. When it aired, viewers didn't really know what they were going to get. Once the hour-long visual album aired it was available for streaming on HBO Go for the weekend. Then it was gone. For just one weekend, HBO and Beyoncé gave the world Lemonade for free. And now that you've gotten just a sip of Lemonade, you want more, right? Me too. That's when it's time to take yourself over to TIDAL, Amazon, or iTunes to buy a copy of the album and the visual album. (Note: you can also stream both the visual album and the recorded album from TIDAL by getting the free month trial. Just remember to cancel the automatic payment before the month is up.)

Prior to Monday, Jay Z's streaming service, TIDAL, was the only place to get Lemonade besides HBO. By Monday, iTunes and Amazon were selling Lemonade too.

And let's just say Beyoncé is blowing up. Check out this screen grab of the top songs on iTunes. You know, I think this girl might have a future in the music business! Bow down to the Queen.

Here's the link directly to download Lemonade through Apple Music, if that's your thing.

And timed as well as one of those signature hair flips with side-eye, Beyoncé launched the Formation World Tour last night in Miami, with a special shout to her husband, and the world lost its collective mind all over again. Here, B, just take all of the money. All of it.

So whether you have a TV or not, you can enjoy Lemonade on repeat on the device of your choice: iPad, phone, whatever, by buying it on iTunes, TIDAL, or Amazon. And, if you buy the visual component on one of those sites, you can watch Lemonade whenever you want, and cry or scream or celebrate.

No one knows how to stop the world like Bey.