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Cancer's 2020 Horoscope Says Life Is Getting An Upgrade This Year

Whether 2019 was a success or a struggle for you, you're probably starting to wonder how the next year is going to unfold. And all you astrology fans out there are probably hoping the stars can provide you with some guidance going forward. Indeed, all 12 signs can expect some changes this year, for better or worse... but here's some good news for those born under the sign of the crab: Cancer's 2020 horoscope falls mostly into the "better" category.

Professional astrologer Bracha Goldsmith says 2020 is an opportunity for huge personal transformation for Cancers. “This is the year for an upgrade,” she says. What else is in store?

For all you Water signs out there, questions of how you're dealing with your relationships and power will come up in January, according to Goldsmith. If the opportunity to end a relationship arises, she says, “maybe it’s time.” Or if not, it might be time to make some deep changes to move in a more positive direction.


“We’ve got some big movements,” Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic astrologer and horoscope contributor to Posh Seven Magazine, tells Romper. “Uranus is going to be a big movement for Cancers. It’s all about awakenings.” But, Larson adds, with Mars coming into the seventh house of marriage for Cancers, “that’s the time they need to learn relationship boundaries.”

Cafe Astrology takes the relationship forecasting further: “Meeting someone better for you at this point in your life may be a reason for this, although it’s important not to jump into something new blindly.” Tread lightly, Cancer.

“This year is going to be a great fresh start for new connections, better friendships, and also a time to be very self compassionate with your own healing processes,” says astrologer Matthew Hinson of The Ultraviolet Oracle. A Cancer himself, Hinson adds, “If I’m going through something emotionally, I’m not going to shame myself, but I also need to not get bogged down in that healing process. I can cope with all of that, but I cannot carry it with me. Know that once you go through it, it is gone, baby.”

The theme of new relationships carries over to Cancer’s career, where “partnership may strengthen as you work together or pursue the same/similar health program,” according to Cafe Astrology. This could all be due to a new "look good, feel good" attitude. The year 2020 brings you the motivation to start fresh, and you’d do well to apply this burst of energy to your own personal wellness.

“You’re ready to hit the ground running," as put it. “This is a great time to tackle ambitious fitness goals, as long as you’re realistic about how sustainable these lifestyle changes are.” (And don’t quit.)

Hinson's "biggest advice to all signs in 2020" falls right in line with the focus on self-care for Cancer: "Your No. 1 priority should be this very present moment and how can you make the most out of it. If you’re still focusing on the past or living in the future, that’s stealing time away from this present moment and that’s all we have.”


Bracha Goldsmith, professional astrologer

Matthew Hinson, professional astrologer, The Ultraviolet Oracle

Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic astrologer, psychic medium, Reiki healer