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Cheeky Chickadee's Children's Clothing Is So Cute & Colorful

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When you think about it, your children’s clothing needs to be a lot of things. It has to be durable, it has to be comfortable, and it has to be affordable. Oh yeah, and it should be stylish, too. The Cheeky Chickadee kids' clothing line does all that —and more— with vibrant designs that you and your kids will love.

Created by an Australian mom of four after her first child was born, Cheeky Chickadee clothing isn’t like the typical clothing you’d find for kids. For one thing, it’s colorful. And by colorful, we mean super vibrant. Just check out this Night Sky Australian Birds Short Sleeve Frill Dress ($24) and you’ll see what we mean.

Another fun factor about Cheeky Chickadee is that each item features an animal from Australia. The menagerie of Aussie-inspired animals includes lorikeets, whales, playtpuses, and flamingoes, among others. Naturally, any collection of Australian animals wouldn’t be complete with a koala, which is adorably depicted on the Blue Koala Unisex Zip Swimmers ($26).

And that’s what makes this collection ultra cute. If your child isn’t familiar with a lorikeet, for example, together you can show her what type of bird it is (it’s a small parrot, BTW), or maybe even read up more on it, or visit the zoo to see one in person. It’s an opportunity to get a little extra education —and bonding time— in with your child, which I’m all for.

Currently, Cheeky Chickadee is comprised of UV protective swimwear, raincoats, and some sleepwear, but really, it looks like wearable art for children. “I wanted my kids’ clothes to be colourful, for them to be excited about wearing them, and to know that I could let them just be kids in, let them get dirty and not worry about whether they could be washed back to how they first looked,” says owner and creator Connie Pulsford. “I also didn’t believe that ‘value’ had to mean ‘tacky and cheap.'" Which explains why each piece looks more like a watercolor painting rather than, say, a simple swimsuit. One of the line's bestsellers is the precious Pink Koala Long Sleeve Girls Zip Swimmers ($26).

But have you ever bought your child an outfit and wished that it came in your size? Well, Cheeky Chickadee offers matching outfits for both moms and dads. The line runs from newborn sizes up to 7 in kids, and 7-8 in adults. You might find that the Pink Rainbow Lorikeet Women’s Maxi Dress ($65) suits your little girl's style... and yours as well.

Sometimes, we as parents pick our kids’ clothing based on what we like. With Cheeky Chickadee, the goal is for your child to love what she’s wearing, too. “We design our illustrations to make kids smile,” says Pulsford. "We also ensure they’re unique and will always stand out so every watercolour print is released in limited quantities and are never restocked once sold out.”

If you thought you’d have to travel Down Under to score some Cheeky Chickadee gear, you’re in luck. The brand is now launching in the U.S., which means it’ll be easier than ever to keep your kid looking fashionable. And American animals will soon be making their way into the collection’s adorable designs. Crikey!

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