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Of Course Chrissy Teigen Inspired A Hilarious Hashtag

Everything Chrissy Teigen does eventually becomes viral, I think. If she goes looking for ripened bananas to make some banana bread, it's basically a national holiday. We all stop working just to find out how things will turn out (spoiler alert, she found some bananas but it was a long time ago so you should know this). So when she recently shared an update about her son Miles, of course everyone loved it. And of course Chrissy Teigen inspired a hilarious hashtag that I'm already following. She knows what she's doing when she shares stuff with us.

It all started when the Cravings: Hungry For More author decided to share an update about her youngest child, son Miles, turning nine months old. Miles is the younger brother of Teigen's 2-year-old daughter Luna with husband John Legend. To celebrate nine months of Miles on earth, Teigen had him sit in front of a tiny chalkboard listing his age, his height, how many teeth he has, and his favorite things. For instance he apparently loves his sister Luna but dislikes quinoa, which didn't feel like much of a surprise to be honest. In the picture Miles is gripping the little chalkboard and looking as proud as anything.

Teigen didn't stop there, of course. The next day she posted a similar update of Miles' twin... his father John Legend, who is clearly game to try anything. The Lip Sync Battle host captioned the photo, "Wow, they grow up so fast." Apparently they do.

While Miles has been alive for nine months, the EGOT-winning performer John Legend has been kicking around for 482 months. Miles has two teeth, John Legend has 30 teeth, as Popsugar confirmed. And where Miles doesn't like quinoa, John Legend doesn't like bad grammar.

This idea is actually quite valid, when you think about it. Taking time to honor an adult's birthday with the same enthusiasm as you would for a child. And from there spawned a wonderful idea called #chrissyschalkboardchallenge.

The first entry was already a winner in my books. His name is Fred, he is 756 months old, and he really loves baseball and eating. He is also a fan of the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, so that's good to know. Fred's photo was submitted by his daughter, and was even given the Teigen stamp of approval.

My next favorite submission to the #chrissyschalkboardchallenge was a 50-year-old woman in a pink tutu. She was submitted by her sister and here's the best part... she was doing a full cake smash. This is utterly brilliant, and now I want to do a cake smash at all of my birthdays because babies shouldn't get all the fun.

Among the other submissions: babies, women turning 30 and even a dog. People celebrating milestones with the same exuberance and wonder as a little baby who might not even know what's going on. I love this trend. I love this hashtag.

And I love Chrissy Teigen for making it all happen.