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Chrissy Teigen Posts A New Luna Photo & Shows It's Selfie Saturday At Her House

National Selfie Day may have come and gone earlier in the week, but when social media queen Chrissy Teigen posts a new Luna photo to Instagram, the holiday is revived. The supermodel and new mom graced her fans and followers with her own version of Selfie Saturday, uploading a pic of her husband, John Legend, and the pair's two-month-old daughter gazing into each other's eyes and looking like the epitome of father-daughter bonding. "She is innnnnn love!" Teigen captioned the sweet snap — and, oh yeah, it's definitely a selfie.

Although Teigen is the undisputed master of Instagram within the Legend-Teigen household, not to mention the world, the R&B star himself clearly couldn't help but to capture a precious moment he was sharing with his first child. The gorgeous little girl looks totally content cuddled up on her dad's lap, and Teigen's influence is clearly rubbing off on the "All Of Me" singer. The result is the latest in what's shaping to be an absolute treasure trove of pubic photos of little Luna Simone, because the couple is really, really enthusiastic about sharing their love for her with the world. It's a win-win, because so many of their followers are psyched about celebrating Luna, too.

"I ❤️ this! Perfect couple, perfect baby urgh just PERFECT!" Instagram user @cloudiness_ commented. "Shes so cute!! @skyconley_ agreed. "She has her moms face."

And luckily for them, the dynamic Legend-Teigen duo is always using their daughter as an excuse to post about and praise each other, although the elusive selfie is a much rarer beast. More than a month ago, when Luna was even tinier and newer to the world, Legend posted a photo of Teigen holding the baby with the simple caption of "Burpface:"

And Teigen responded by posting a video of Luna jamming out to Legend's 2013 hit "The Beginning," a majorly awwww-inducing moment that also pretty much cemented the suspicion that this little baby has some of the best genes of anyone ever, probably. And Teigen's got jokes, too. Case in point: she captioned a recent Instagram photo that featured Legend toting Luna in a wearable baby carrier captioned with the short thought "Get it, dilf!!," pretty much just saying what the rest of us were thinking anyhow.

So, considering the couple's love of social media, maybe their own Selfie Saturday featuring Luna will become a weekly tradition? They're doing a good job of cherishing every moment of her babyhood, because before long Luna will surely be snapping her own selfies. It looks like Teigen and Legend fans will get to watch her grow up, too, and that's quite a treat.