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Chrissy Teigen Preparing Her Mom To Be On 'Family Feud' Is Legit Comedy Gold

Imagine you had the chance to be on Family Feud. It's what you've been waiting for, your moment in the sun. You know what the survey will say because you've been screaming it at the television for years. The terrible, foreboding sound of those big red X's haunts your dreams, so you know you'll be well prepared. And now imagine you are going up against a family you are perhaps a little obsessed with... amazing, right? Just look at poor Chrissy Teigen training her mom for Family Feud, when her brood is expected to go up against the Vanderpump family. Her chances don't look great.

Anyone who follows Teigen's social media (so everyone on the planet other than President Trump, probably) knows a few things for sure. She is an amazing cook; she loves to hassle her husband, EGOT winner John Legend. She loves her family, including 2-year-old daughter Luna, 9-month-old son Miles, and her mom Vilailuk Teigen, who lives with the family. Oh, and she is a little bit obsessed with the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules. So you can imagine her excitement when Teigen's love for her family and Vanderpump Rules combined in the most beautiful way; a showdown on Family Feud.

As the Cravings: Hungry For More author noted in her tweet, the family is expected to tape their episode, hosted by Steve Harvey, on Sunday. Which means they need to get in some pretty hardcore training over the next 24 hours. And no offense to anyone in the Teigen/Legend household, but one person in particular seems to need some extra help with their training.

Teigen shared two videos of her mom, who many fans know as Pepper Thai, being quizzed as she would be on Family Feud. In one video she is asked "Name the most embarrassing place to be caught crying." Now keep in mind, she will have to do this in front of a studio audience very shortly.

Her answer? Nervous silence. Eventually she says "the mall" after a bunch of coaxing, but that's just not going to get you on the board, is it?

Teigen captioned the tweet, "I'm bailing" and I don't blame her.

In the other video Vilailuk is asked "Besides a telescope, what else would you need to bring stargazing?"

No answer again, just confusion. And I can't actually write Teigen's response.

Traditionally on Family Feud each side needs five contestants, which means Teigen and Legend should be able to rustle up two spares to pick up the slack from Vilailuk. Not that Teigen's mom seemed remotely concerned about her responses... she almost seemed to get a kick out of Teigen's distress. Which I can't help but begrudgingly admire even as I despair for Teigen and Legend on their first episode of Family Feud. What will happen if they don't win?

Oh, I just remembered. It's sort of funny either way, isn't it?