Chrissy Teigen gets real about quarantine life as a couple.
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Chrissy Teigen Jokes She & John Legend Are "Def Breaking Up" Post-Quarantine

Trying to keep that romance alive while quarantined at home is not as easy as a person might think, but laughing about it all sure can help. Take, for instance, Chrissy Teigen who shared a hilariously relatable comment about how she's coping with #QuarantineLife with her husband John Legend.

As families all across are cooped up at home during the growing coronavirus pandemic, the Cravings cookbook author has been keeping her housebound fans entertained, inadvertently or otherwise. For instance, she and Legend threw a lavish wedding for her 3-year-old daughter Luna's stuffed animals on Sunday, complete with a tiered wedding cake and musical performance from Legend himself. Teigen has also been sharing decadent recipes and has even ended a few petty disputes between couples and friends in preparation for her new Quibi web series Chrissy's Court set to debut in April.

She also gave her fans a much-needed chuckle when a fan misinterpreted a recent caption about Teigen and Legend, who have been married since 2013, on Instagram. "PopSugar, don't you EVER DARE AGAIN post a photo of John and Chrissy and write 'can't believe we're typing this...' I THOUGHT THEY WERE BREAKING UP. MY HEART LEPT OUT OF MY CHEST. I CANNOT HANDLE THAT ANXIETY RIGHT NOW," the fan commented on a post from PopSugar.

This comment apparently caught Teigen's eye and prompted her to jokingly respond: "Oh we are also def breaking up after we can leave the house."

Teigen is kidding, of course. But, listen, this new quarantine lifestyle is taking a toll on pretty much everyone, even if you happen to be quarantined with People's 2019 "Sexiest Man Alive." One parent on Reddit even enlisted a very scholarly family dog to help with home schooling.

Social distancing and staying home as much as possible is difficult for everyone, particularly when medical experts have warned that things might not change for quite some time. But it's safe to say that both Legend and Teigen are making the most of things — spending time with their kids and doing what they both love, cooking and making music. And, of course, throwing Luna's stuffed animal a wedding we'll never forget.

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