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Here's Why Chrissy Teigen Thinks Having Her Mom Live With Her Is So Amazing

Growing up with grandparents living in your house with you is seriously the best. I guess it probably depends on the grandparents, but if you're lucky enough to have one of those smiling, happy, loving grandmas, having her in your house is going to make everything better. Just as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have. Just when you thought that couple couldn't get any more delicious, you realize that Chrissy Teigen's mom lives with her and that the whole family (especially daughter Luna) is pretty pumped about the situation.

The Cravings cookbook author and model opened up about her living situation to PopSugar recently. Her mom Vilailuck Teigen has been living with her, Grammy award-winning husband Legend, and 2-year-old daughter Luna for some time now. Fans of Teigen's Instagram will recognize Vilailuck as the breakout star of her daughter's social media account. She is a frequent, smiling presence in the background, always hanging out with Luna or helping out in some fantastic way.

And Teigen is seriously loving it, especially now that she's expecting her second child. Because who wouldn't say no to a little help now and then, especially when the person helping is your mom? I say again, this might not always apply, but in the case of Vilailuck Teigen, I think it just might. Chrissy Teigen didn't get her sense of humor out of thin air, after all.

Teigen told PopSugar about one of the most amazing benefits of having her mom (who some might more commonly recognize by her nickname, Pepper Thai) live with her; the affection she shows for little Luna:

It's so helpful to have her live with us. She's the most incredible grandma. Luna is so close with her. 'Yāy' means grandmother in Thai, so she goes "'Yāy!" all day long, and it's just fun because my mom is a kid at heart. She just has so much energy, and I just lug myself at this point.

She added, "She somehow manages to squeeze Luna in and make her a priority. It's crazy. There's nothing wrong with having too much love. Luna has a lot of love around her."

Vilailuck doesn't just help out with her granddaughter either, according to Teigen. She told PopSugar that she's also a dab hand at dog wrangling.

My mom helps take care of the three dogs, who all have unique needs and different medical ailments. Feeding time is truly like a frenzy.

A frenzy Teigen might struggle to contend with on her own, as she noted on Twitter when her mom left for a visit to Thailand, where she's from, last week.

Now, before you go getting the wrong impression and assuming that Teigen's mom is there just for work, please see Exhibit A. Vilailuck acting out James Vandebeek's epic speech from the 1999 classic, Varsity Blues. The woman is clearly a blast to have around.

As much fun as Teigen might have with her mom on madcap adventures, like that time she outsourced ripe bananas on Twitter to bake banana bread and sent her mom out to pick up the winners, Luna is clearly fully enjoying having all of that extra time with her grandma living on the premises, as can be seen in their many Instagram photos and videos together.

This isn't the first time that Teigen opened up about her mother living with her family, but that her father doesn't even though they are married. "He comes by every day and they’re married,” Teigen told Us Weekly in January. “It just works for them. It’s a good family life. We’re all very close, very tight–knit.”

No matter what the living situation is, Luna sure does have a whole lot of love around her, and Teigen is so right; you can't really have too much love. Especially now that she's about to welcome a baby brother; when Teigen and Legend might be feeling overwhelmed by the new baby, Vilailuck will be there to step in and make certain that Luna is feeling loved, I'm sure.

While Teigen's situation might not be for everyone, I think it's pretty spectacular.

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