Chrissy Teigen says son Miles is all about activities where he could break his bones.
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Chrissy Teigen's Son Loves "Trying To Break His Bones" & Yep, That Checks Out

At nearly 2 years old, Chrissy Teigen knows her son Miles loves doing a few things in life: playing with tiny cars and, well, driving his mother mad while "trying to break his bones."

The Cravings cookbook author, who shares 21-month-old son Miles and 3-year-old daughter Luna with husband John Legend, recently shared on Twitter that she's having a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what makes her little boy tick. Particularly when it comes to finding a class for him to learn something new.

"We haven’t found a single class this dude enjoys doing," Teigen tweeted this week. "The only thing he loves in life is tiny cars and trying to break his bones."

While it's seems highly unlikely Teigen and Legend will be able to find Miles a class that combines those, the mom of two is certainly not alone in her concern that her sweet little boy has taken a vested interest in activities that break his bones.

"Mine too!" one parent commented on Teigen's tweet, sharing a tip on how to deal with active little boys. "Gymboree seems to work the best. It’s the illusion of breaking bones but it’s all soft things. Except he ran straight into a wall yesterday, so... "

Others who haven't necessarily experienced the reality of active little boys and girls who are hellbent on diving head first into bone-breaking territory chose to make some hilarious observations about Miles' toddler hobbies. "He's the next Ricky Bobby," one person commented, while another said, "That's because he's too cool for school."

Considering their daughter Luna appears to be a bit, umm, more tame with her interest in painting nails, love of ballet, and making sausage with her grandma right now, it seems like Teigen and Legend will have their hands full with little Miles as continues to get bigger.