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Amy Schumer Has Fans Thinking She Gave Birth With This Instagram Post, OMG

Right now it sort of feels like the whole world is waiting for the big birth announcement and it's a bit exhausting. You wake up every morning and think, is this it? Could this be the day we finally find out? And then nothing happens and you have to go back to your own boring life and wait and wait some more. But now I'm going to suggest something really upsetting: What if it happened and we missed it? Did Amy Schumer give birth and just sort of slyly let it pass without telling us? Her recent Instagram post appears to suggest as much.

Romper has reached out to Amy Schumer for comment but did not immediately get a response.

The Trainwreck star and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, are expecting their first baby together right about now (much like another couple known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but I can only get stressed about one birth at a time, guys). Schumer has been keeping fans nice and updated throughout her pregnancy, even including some less-than-glamorous details about her extreme morning sickness called hperemesis gravidarum through the months. You know, some lovely videos of her puking on the side of the road and even being hospitalized for the condition back in November, as per CNN. My personal favorite update was her sock tutorial because you know that's a struggle for every pregnant woman ever.

It truly seemed as though the comedienne was bringing all of us along for her pregnancy ride. Sharing her struggles and her intimate moments with hilarious candor.

But it looks like she might have continued on without us and said nothing, if this recent Instagram post is any sort of clue.

On Monday Schumer shared a photo of the book Cribsheet by Emily Oster with the caption:

The book #expectingbetter by &profemilyoster got me through pregnancy. It is a fact and statistic based look at pregnancy. She is an economist at Brown University. Her follow up book #cribsheet is about children from birth to preschool. I am so grateful for her work.

Please note the phrase "got me through pregnancy." The implication being that pregnancy was in the past tense. And also the fact that she appears to now be reading the follow up book about child rearing by the same author. It doesn't take a super sleuth to put two and two together.

The I Feel Pretty star's fans took to her Instagram page to offer their hesitant congratulations:

Got you through as in past tense?! Are congratulations in order?! 💕
Uhhh congratulations? Lol idk if I’m reading too much into that

Schumer has not made any sort of official announcement at this point, and of course if she has given birth and chooses to share it at a later date that is 100 percent up to her.

But can we just all say that, if this does happen to be her sly pregnancy announcement, it's possibly one of the most chill announcements ever?

I can't tell if I'm disappointed or impressed.

Editor's note: Since this article was published, Amy Schumer shared the following Instagram post... which would seem to suggest that she has not, in fact, given birth.