This Could Be Why Jinger Duggar Gave Birth To Her Baby Girl Hours Away From Home

After Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Felicity, last month, fans had a lot of questions about the new mom's labor and delivery. The good thing is, her birthing special aired on TLC Now earlier this week, but it might have left fans with a few more questions. After watching the special, fans might be wondering if Jinger Duggar moved since she gave birth in a city pretty far away from the town she and Vuolo have called home for years now.

Following Duggar's pregnancy and birth journey has been super special for fans. For starters, Duggar is the first of her sisters to give birth to a baby girl, according to Inquisitr, and the only one out of the 19 Duggar siblings to live out of state. Her family lives in Arkansas while Duggar and Vuolo call Texas their home. Needless to say, this birthing special is a little unlike the past few that fans have seen from the Duggars.

But, Duggar living out of state might have made things a little confusing for fans. In the beginning of their special, Duggar and Vuolo are seen in their home in Laredo, Texas. However, Duggar quickly explained that she wouldn't be delivering her baby there. Instead, they would be traveling to San Antonio, Texas. "We are headed to San Antonio today to have an appointment at the birth center," Duggar explained. "My doctor and midwife thought it would be best to get things rolling at this point, just because my sisters have had such huge babies. We're taking all of our bags with us today."

While this might seem normal enough, the two cities are kind of far away. San Antonio is roughly a two hour and 30 minute drive from Laredo, or 157 miles apart, according to Google Maps. A day trip back and forth might seem a little risky since childbirth can pretty much come at any moment.

But, Duggar and Vuolo seemed very prepared in this episode, packing a suitcase and an overnight bag with them for their hospital stay. Because the two cities are so apart, it's understandable why fans might be wondering if Duggar and Vuolo had moved.

But that doesn't appear to be the case yet. The establishing shot of the birthing special showed the same house in Laredo that fans watched Duggar and Vuolo move in to during previous episodes of Counting On and the same house that her sisters, Jana and Jessa Duggar, helped decorate during an episode of Counting On earlier this year, according to People. Not to mention, Duggar and Vuolo brought their daughter home to their house in Laredo, according to Us Weekly, with the baby's nursery designed by Jana and Jessa. If fans needed any more proof that Duggar and Vuolo have not moved from their Laredo home, Vuolo is still listed as a pastor at the church he works at, Grace Community Church, in Laredo.

There could have been a lot of reasons why Duggar and Vuolo chose to welcome their child so many miles from home. In her birthing special, Duggar revealed that she had been consulting with her midwife and doctor throughout her pregnancy to prevent her from going past her due date and delivering a 10-pound baby like her sisters. Unlike her sisters, Duggar knew that she definitely wanted to deliver in a hospital. Because she knew this from the get-go, it makes sense why she might have wanted to choose which hospital she gave birth in.

But just because Duggar and Vuolo are still living in Laredo doesn't mean that moving is completely out of the question. Fans on Reddit think that Duggar will get tired of living so far away from her family and move back to Arkansas, eventually. "I think she will probably start to miss her family more, especially for the free or group babysitting," one commenter wrote. "Also, I can't see her wanting to stay in Laredo for long because she likes bigger cities." But other commenters disagreed.

"I think she doesn't mind the distance and it's so easy to stay in touch now," another commenter wrote. "Plus, Jeremy's job might not make moving states that easy."

It is pretty impossible to predict the future or know what is on Duggar and Vuolo's minds. So, it's impossible for fans to accurately predict if the couple is ready to move or if they're happy where they are. But one thing is for sure — they are over the moon in love with their baby girl... and right now, the happy family of three is in Laredo.