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The Fate Of Laurel's Baby Is Unclear On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Over the past few seasons, How To Get Away with Murder has gone to some pretty dark places. From covering up deaths to showing murders in action, it’s never been a show to shy away from the shock value that these types of scenarios bring. But would they go as far as to have Laurel’s baby die on HTGAWM? The flash forward might bring more tragedy to the Keating Four.

Any way you look at it, that’s a hard pill to swallow and a tragic fate for both Laurel and her child, but given that HTGAWM has addressed stillborn babies in the past, it’s unfortunately not out of the realm of possibilities. In Season 2, when viewers found out about Annalise’s baby who died when she went into labor after her car accident, it was definitely a shock and a difficult scene to watch. After all of the murders we’ve seen committed by Annalise and everyone in her inner circle, watching her mourn the loss of her baby in the hospital was heartbreaking, to say the least.

If Laurel’s baby meets the same fate on HTGAWM, it wouldn’t necessarily be unexpected given the infant's whereabouts in the flash forward are purposefully unclear, but it would still be a terrible tragedy to watch play out. And I don’t think Laurel could handle losing Wes and then her baby on top of that.

There are a few clues from the HTGAWM Season 4 flash forward that do point to the fate of Laurel’s baby being less than ideal for everyone involved. And by everyone involved, I mean Laurel especially, because all of that blood in the elevator at Annalise’s hotel can’t be ignored. Of course, the first instinct for many viewers is to assume that another murder went down, this time outside of Annalise’s hotel room.

But then you have Michaela in the flash forward, very distraught, much like a Season 3 Laurel, with blood all over her clothing. But since she’s clearly not bleeding, then she may have very well been in the elevator at Annalise’s hotel.

If Laurel lost her baby during childbirth, it could have been because she went into premature labor at the hotel and Michaela is the person who helped her deliver the baby in the elevator. This would explain not only the blood and bloody handprint on the wall, but also the "he" Michaela is referring to in the flash forward when she asks Isaac if he is dead.

If the fate of Laurel’s baby on HTGAWM is something else entirely, though, then where is he? Laurel woke up in the flash forward and immediately started asking where her baby is and barring any set plan that viewers don’t yet know about, it would seem that her baby is missing and that his whereabouts are a big part of the mystery of Season 4. Since it’s never too soon to start speculating on the who/what/when/where of the season, there are still a number of things that could have happened to Laurel’s baby.

It’s possible that Laurel gave birth already and her shouts of anguish over her missing child are all part of some elaborate plan and in reality, the baby is with Annalise, safely hiding away. Honestly, that involves enough moving pieces to give me a headache though, so let’s not try and decipher that just yet this early in the season.

Then again, Laurel might have given birth long before she found herself in the hospital in the flash forward and she simply doesn’t remember giving birth because of the drugs that are apparently in her system, as Isaac told Frank. Again, there are a lot of moving parts to consider, but the fate of Laurel’s baby on HTGAWM is obviously a big part of the puzzle.

Whether or not Laurel’s baby died is still up for debate, given how little is still known about what’s really going on in the flash forward, but let’s hope that this isn't the case. Personally, my heart couldn’t take losing an extension of Wes.

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