Your Kid Will Love Riding This Sven Rocking Horse While Watching 'Frozen' (Again)

Talk about timing. When Frozen 2 comes out on November 22, there’s just a little over a month until Christmas. And if your kids are as obsessed with Frozen 2 as they were with Frozen, and they just can’t “let it go,” then this Disney Frozen 2 Plush Sven Rocking Horse would be the perfect gift from Santa this year. Touché, Disney, on your impeccable timing. I’m sure this will be on your Frozen-obsessed child’s Christmas list this year.

We already have this Frozen 2 Playdate Sven toy coming at you from Amazon, so can you even imagine the excitement if there were not one, but two larger-than-life Sven toys under the Christmas tree? (Or next to it, as the case may be since, like I said, they're larger than life?)

The Sven Plush Rocker is exclusively sold at Target, which ironically, is also Santa’s favorite store, didn’t you know? This special rocking horse — er, reindeer — is $70, and has embroidered details along with “three-dimensional antlers,” the press release noted. And Sven also looks super happy to see you, as evidenced by his big reindeer smile. However, you can apparently adjust and reshape his face by twisting and fluffing the foam around his nose.

The Sven rocking horse holds up to 100 pounds, has a foam seat, and sturdy wooden handles, making it not only aesthetically pleasing for your kid’s room or playroom, but safe. The wood runners also ensure a smooth ride for everyone involved. Plus, your kids will not only be enjoying having a blast riding on their very own Sven while watching Frozen for the billionth time (while waiting for Frozen 2 to come out on Blu-Ray), but the press release says it will also help kids improve their balance, strengthen their core, and build strong motor skills. What’s not to like?

And the best part for parents is that it comes fully assembled and ready for your kids to hop on and take for a joy ride, in addition to “meeting or exceeding all safety standards set by the CPSC,” according to the press release. It would look super cute all year round with Delta Children's Frozen Plastic Toddler Bed, Frozen Upholstered Chair, Frozen Wooden Activity Easel, and Frozen Table and Chair Set, wouldn't you say?

So if the Sven Plush Rocker and Frozen 2 Playdate Sven aren't enough Frozen or Sven in your kids’ lives, you must definitely check out Target’s other Frozen toys, like the Frozen 2 Elsa deluxe styling head, the Frozen 2 microphone, the “Frozen 2 Pretend N' Play” this Frozen 2 light up activity set, Frozen 2 purse that you can color and style yourself, this LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure set, and of course, this LEGO DUPLO Princess Frozen Ice Castle with a Frozen 2 Foldable Storage Chest to store it all in. (Well, all of it except for the life-sized Sven toys, obviously.) It will be a very happy holiday for your kid, indeed. Take note Santa, this could be a magical wintry wonderland kind of holiday for Frozen-obsessed kids everywhere.