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Things May Get Steamy For Nick & Corinne

This season's Bachelor Nick Viall is known for his sexual escapades on the franchise. Nick (still salty after losing to pizza-lover Josh Murray) stoked the ire of viewers when, post-finale, he asked Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman why she had sex with him when she wasn't in love with him. That unpleasant, borderline slut-shaming moment has gone down in Bachelor lore, making him a controversial choice for this season's leading man. But will Nick get himself into more hot water this season? The season's preview heavily insinuates that Nick and Corinne Olympios have sex on The Bachelor, prior to the overnight dates episode.

For a show that's all about falling in love on television, The Bachelor can get a little weird when it comes to sex. Between hyping up and toying with Ashley Iaconetti's much-discussed virginity and the always-anticipated overnight dates towards the end of the season, the producers have a tendency to treat sex on the show as if it's both expected and something not to be discussed. Regardless, sex does happen – reasonably so, given that theoretically there's an engagement at the end of the season. For many men and women, it would be common sense to test the waters of sexual compatibility prior to making what's meant to be a lifelong commitment to someone.

Despite that, there's always tons of hype around the overnight dates, which typically take place after the hometown visits and before the season's finale. Season 21 of The Bachelor is sure to be no different, but the promo released after the premiere's airing suggested that Corinne might actually make her move prior to the fabled Fantasy Suite.

The four minute clip features Corinne making plenty of forward moves on Nick to show him that she's definitely attracted to him sexually. First, we see her take her bikini top off while they're posing together in the pool for a photo shoot. Later, we see a clip of Corinne making out with Nick while the two of them are in a bounce house, as she explains via voiceover that she "just wants Nick now" and that she'll do whatever it takes to make sure she makes it to the end.

Finally, Corinne puts it all out there, directly saying that she'll go to Nick's room and have sex with him and that it will be "magical." In her confessional, she also busts out a line that instantly goes down in Bachelor Nation history, claiming, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum." Even if you don't particularly like Corinne or her methods, you have to appreciate her wordsmith skills.

Between this lead up and Corinne actually making it into Nick's room (complete with unseen but very much heard kissing noises), the two of them hooking up pre-Fantasy Suite seems like a done deal – despite Nick asking her to slow down and suggesting it might not be a good idea. Then again, production has done trickier things with editing season footage together before – remember Chad hurting Evan on last season's The Bachelorette, which didn't actually happen at all?

In any event, this season promo has made one thing very clear: Nick and Corinne have sexual chemistry in spades, which will surely make their interactions this season very entertaining. Regardless of whether they actually have sex or not, it's unlikely that it will sway who wins Nick's heart either way – after all, he's certainly had sex with women he hasn't wound up with before.