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Nick Needs To Make His Feelings About Raquel Known

Since it was first announced that Nick Viall – and not The Bachelorette Season 12's frontrunners Chase McNary or Luke Pell – would be the new Bachelor, viewers have been wondering what type of woman Nick would be drawn towards. Based on his previous on-screen dating preferences, it didn't seem like Nick had much of a set type, either physically or in terms of personality. Sure enough, this season, fans have seen Nick make strong connections with women of all types – including Corinne Olympios, the season's "villain." The Bachelor star clearly likes the blonde businesswoman, but does Nick like that Corinne has a nanny on The Bachelor?

While viewers have known about the now-infamous Nanny Raquel since the moment Corinne first floated past our screens in a pool ring, the existence of her caretaker was unknown to the other women and to Nick for several weeks. That all changed on last Monday's episode, when a stressed Corinne offhandedly mentioned Raquel amongst the women and eventually told them that Raquel is her nanny.

Corinne listed out all of the various tasks that Raquel performs for her on a daily basis, like waking her up in the morning, making her snacks, making her cheese pasta, and doing her laundry. The other contestants were increasingly horrified – particularly Jasmine Goode, who wasn't even remotely trying to hide her disgust. Major props to Jasmine's awesomely emotive face.

Despite being weirded out by Corinne's revelation, the women kept the info about her nanny to themselves – at least until she ticked them all off at the pool party by getting very cozy with Nick in the bounce house she somehow managed to get on set. At that point, nearly every woman in the house was approaching Nick to subtly warn him off of the 24-year-old Miami native, questioning whether Nick was there for the ~right reasons~ if he was there for someone like Corinne. But it was Raven Gates who finally revealed the existence of Nanny Raquel to the Bachelor.

To his credit, Nick played it cool, seeming a little confused but not overtly horrified to hear that one of the grown-ass women competing for his heart still had a nanny. The episode didn't spend much time on Nick's reaction, and viewers haven't yet seen Nick speak to Corinne about her nanny – whether that confrontation will even happen remains to be seen.

Nick did briefly discuss #NannyGate when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live at the start of the season. In the segment, Nick explained that one of the women (who we now know was Raven) told him about Corinne's nanny a few weeks into filming. While he appreciated the potential red flags there, he didn't seem too concerned, joking about the potential benefits of having a nanny and whether he'd also get the nanny if things worked out with Corinne.

Since the nanny reveal episode aired, Nick has been sticking to the same bemused and unbothered response. He's retweeted the parody account Corinne's Nanny several times and, in response to viewers asking his honest thoughts about it, maintained that "you're a liar if you claim you wouldn't enjoy the perks of a nanny."

So, while I wouldn't necessarily say that Nick likes the idea of Corinne having a nanny, it doesn't seem to have altered his opinion of her in any substantial way. The real question is whether Nick will tone down his touchy-feely relationship with Corinne enough to stop alienating the other women – like frontrunner Vanessa Grimaldi, who flat-out told him she didn't want a rose if he was only there to "f*ck around." So we'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.