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Hopefully Nick Likes Dolphins On 'The Bachelor'

The men and women of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will do pretty much anything for love, including but not limited to: going on dates that involve indoor skydiving, feeding the Bachelor or Bachelorette awful first impression pickup lines, and apparently, dressing up in dolphin (a.k.a. shark) costumes. The latter is the case with Alexis on Season 21 of The Bachelor, but why does she show up in a shark costume and does Nick Viall even like dolphins? The Bachelor star didn't really seem to know what to think when he saw Alexis, the aspiring dolphin trainer, exit the limo in nothing but heels and a shark costume that she would go on to insist all evening was actually a dolphin. (It wasn't.) Does her outfit of choice have anything to do with Nick and a love of dolphins that these women somehow know of?

It would make sense for sure, and even lend a little but of understanding to why she would dress in the costume and remain so all night, other than to make a strong impression and remain unforgotten. But in reality, it seems like the "Shark Girl" on The Bachelor and her love of dolphins is her "thing" and has nothing to do with Nick loving or hating the sea creatures himself.

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In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find any information about Nick favoring a particular animal over another, so while it's unclear if Nick likes dolphins, the Bachelor star probably isn't opposed to the intelligent sea animal. But this strong emphasis on dolphins, and the fact that several other contestants of Season 21 of The Bachelor listed their favorite animal as such might have something to do with Nick's last girlfriend.

It doesn't look like Nick himself has ever laid claim to any attachment to dolphins, but on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, the contestant entered into a relationship with Jen Saviano, who did say that dolphins are the only other mammals, other than humans, that have sex for pleasure. Maybe this sudden influx of dolphin love stems from a direct need to relate to his last love interest. Or, at the very least, some subconscious effort to capture Nick's attention as it had been with Jen on BIP.

So that being said, I think Alexis' profession as an aspiring dolphin trainer is totally true and she just simply has a strong passion for that particular animal. Because as far as I can tell right now, the only link Nick has to dolphins is that his last reality TV girlfriend had a thing for them too. And considering that things didn't obviously work out for those two, I highly doubt Alexis is just using this as a way to draw a parallel between her and his ex. Right?