Drake recently shared the first photo of his 2-year-old son Adonis on Instagram
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Drake Shared A Rare Glimpse Of His 2-Year-Old Son That'll Make You Squeee

While the rest of us use social media to share constant photos of our kids with our comparatively small number of followers, celebrities like Drake, who have many millions of followers, sometimes avoid sharing photos of their kids at all. As in almost never. The Canadian rapper has been a father for two whole years now and his followers have seen neither hide nor hair of his little boy. So when Drake shared a rare glimpse of his son on Monday, we were all so excited just to see a tiny little foot that we lost our minds. Talk about building suspense.

Although I suppose Drake fans shouldn't be terribly surprised about his reticence in sharing photos of his son. After all, he kept his little boy's birth and identity a secret for almost a year. There were plenty of rumors that Drake had a child swirling around on the internet that the rapper had become a father. But nothing was confirmed until Drake acknowledged he had welcomed a child with French artist Sophie Brussaux in his 2018 song "Emotionless" from his Scorpion album.

Since then, Drake's social media feed has been nearly devoid of all mention of his son, perhaps simply because he hopes to keep his private life just that, private. Until his son, who is named Adonis, turned 2 years old a few weeks ago. I guess Drake couldn't contain himself any longer and decided it was time to share a little piece of Adonis with the world.

That piece was his tiny sock-clad foot. In the photo, the stylish tot is wearing a full on Burberry tracksuit, no less, and a comfy sock that reads "I love Daddy."

Drake has opened up through song about struggling to maintain a relationship with his little boy, especially since he lives in a different country with his mother, according to Billboard. As he sang in "March 14" from Scorpion:

I'm out here on front lines just trying to make sure I see him sometimes. It's breaking my spirit. "Single father" I hate when I hear it. I challenged my parents on every album, now I'm embarrassed to tell them I'm a co-parent. Always promised a family unit. I wanted it to be different because I've been through it.

Despite the fact that little Adonis is being raised in France, Drake went all out to celebrate his son's birthday on Oct. 11 with a party that was pure gold. Like everything at the party right down to the balloons was actually gold. Drake shared a photo of his son's party decorations with the caption, "Happy Birthday, King."

While there are probably some Drake fans who would love to see a picture of the rapper's son, it's important to remember that he is not the only parent in the situation who gets to make those kinds of decisions. Sophie Brusseaux' Instagram feed does not feature any pictures of Adonis' face either, which tells me this is something the co-parents decided together.

Hey, at least we know the kid has style, he has warm feet, and he loves his daddy. What else could you possibly want?