Duncan hines unicorn cake cup
Duncan Hines

Unicorn & Mermaid Cake Cups Exist & They're Magically Delicious

There are cupcakes and then there are cake cups.... and then there are mermaid cake cups. Want to blow your child's mind (or, let's be honest, your own)? Feast your eyes on Duncan Hines' new Mermaid, Unicorn, and Galaxy Cake Cups (make that color-changing cake cups), arriving on shelves in February.

The heroes at Duncan Hines have crafted three new kinds of microwaveable cake cups — just add water and stir — that come in Unicorn (pink vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles), Mermaid (purple vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles that look like pearls), and Galaxy (chocolate cake with colorful sprinkles) flavors.

Like magic, the baking process changes the hue of the batter. Then it's up to you to doctor your sweet treat with the fairy dust — er — we mean sprinkles, for a truly Lisa Frank-esque dessert experience.

Just think of the birthday party opportunities with these. A space theme just got sweeter with individual cake cups for every astronaut. Or, perk up a kid's pool party with Mermaid cake cups for all. There's no wrong answer here.

Heck, if it's been a rough day, be your own fairy godmother and give yourself the gift of a little Unicorn cake cup. Sure, you might not go racing off into the sunset away from life's trivial challenges, but you will be licking the spoon on an enchanting new treat.

Duncan Hines knows the value of a single-serve dessert, as evidenced by the popular personal-sized Oreo and Chips Ahoy! cake cups released last year, according to MSN. Because not only are these little desserts just the right size, they're also virtually mess-free: no bowls needed, no pans, no cookie sheets. All you need is a spoon and a sweet tooth, and you're ready to go.