Minimalist Pet Owners Will Love Fable's Sleek, Smart Dog Products

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If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, I wish there was a company like Everlane… but for my dog, then do I have news for you. Fable is a new pet brand that designs comfortable accessories for your pup with a chic, minimalist vibe for you.

Their leather accessories, including leashes, harnesses, collars, and an understated dog carrier, are made by-hand, from leather sourced from Ubrique, Spain (a town renowned for its impeccable leather craftsmanship). The town is so esteemed, in fact, that Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Chloe, Loewe and Carolina Herrera are said to use Ubrique artisans to produce wallets, bags, and belts, according to reporting done by the BBC. I mean, NBD, but your dog is about to be the most stylish good boy (or girl) around.

Being a dog owner is rewarding, cuddly, often hilarious, but it's also a decidedly less-than-glam experience. There are times I find myself on a walk with my pup, wearing old leggings, muddy boots, and holding an actual bag of poop. Plush tacos and drool-covered rubber bones are strewn across my living room rug, where I inevitably trip over them once a day and get annoyed at my dog for not... picking up after herself?

This is precisely why I’m so excited that Fable exists; without even knowing I wanted it, they’ve made a line of products that I don’t think I can go another day without. It’s like when I was gifted an Away suitcase, and travel got simultaneously easier and a whole lot cuter.

Not only do Fable’s products look elevated and minimalist (the leather goods are finished with silver-welded hardware that’s sleek and designed to last), they’re committed to the welfare of animals. According to the Fable website, "most products on the market today combat behavioral issues (pulling, barking, biting, etc.) with aversion techniques. But the latest animal research indicates that aversion training is inhumane and does not work. All of our products are designed with our strict no pain philosophy: restrain and modify behavior, without causing pain.”

The signature leather goods come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so any size pooch from French Bulldog to Saint Bernard can get in on the fun. For every leather item, there are always at least four colors to choose from (it’s a tough call, but I think my favorite is the warm blush hue). In addition to collars, leashes, and harnesses, there are also leather waste bag holders which Fable has somehow made look like a cool change purse, a major upgrade from the colossal lime green rubber contraption that currently holds my dog’s waste bags. All four leather items can be bought together in The Walking Set, which makes an amazing gift for the dog-lovers in your life. Some more good news: the company only partners with factories "who love animals and are committed to fair working conditions," per their website, and without a middleman, Fable is able to avoid marking up their products.

Fable has your pooch covered beyond wearables, too. They've designed a sleek food or water bowl, and I’m so into the The Falcon Toy (available now for pre-order) which looks more like it came out of a museum gift shop or West Elm than the pet aisle. The hooked-shaped design includes several treat “cavities” as the website calls them, for holding both dry and spreadable treats like peanut butter simultaneously. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free. This is one toy that I may not be frantically shoving in a basket minutes before guests arrive.

And of course we need to talk about this beautiful crate (yes, they can be gorgeous, it turns out). A lot of dogs actually love their crates, but they look so… jail-like and oversized. Well, Fable’s thought of everything it seems, and they offer a dog crate and side table in one. The Scandinavian-inspired wood body and metal or acrylic door (you get to choose) look light and airy in a room, and the top is solid so you can rest books or coasters on top. If your dog isn't inside, I doubt anyone will even know it's a crate, but your dog probably will be inside the chic home because this piece feels much more like a cozy den than a cold metal box. Fable makes a memory foam dog bed too, available in three sizes and four colors. I'm starting to think my lucky pup will be getting Hygge with it this year in a way I've only dreamed of.

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