First Look — Jeff Foxworthy Monopoly Is Here, Because You Might Be A Redneck

If you're on pins and needles waiting for a board game featuring nothing but topics worthy of a Jeff Foxworthy stand-up show, you might be a redneck. But, I won't judge you for that label at all because your wait is finally over. Monopoly: Jeff Foxworthy Edition is here to fill your next game night with more laughs than you can handle, and Romper has the exclusive.

Sure, Monopoly: Ghostbusters is ghoulishly fun and Monopoly: Star Wars The Child features an impossibly cute Baby Yoda, but Hasbro's latest twist on the iconic strategy game will have players everywhere seeing red — all over their necks. Available exclusively at Walmart, Foxworthy fans can get their hands on the game July 1 for $20. That's probably more cash than you'd shell out at the corner gas station for a six-pack of beer, but the game itself will definitely last longer.

Foxworthy's brand of humor takes all things southern and country and turns the stereotype on its head to garner loads of laughs from the very people his jokes poke fun at. So, it is only fitting that the Monopoly: Jeff Foxworthy Edition features plenty of nods to the comedian's signature script. Players can move around the board using tokens featuring a mounted bass (not the talking kind), a deer ripe for hunting, a lawn ornament (aka that cheesy plastic flamingo grandma has in her front yard), a trucker hat that pairs perfectly with your mullet, and a chainsaw, naturally. Personally, I plan to take the tireless car on blocks token for a spin myself.

Instead of rolling dice on each turn, players will spin a rusty saw blade-shaped spinner and land in one of 12 numbered slots to determine how far to move. No need to run out and get a tetanus shot, but just be aware that unlike rolling a pair of dice, you may have to cough up cold, hard Monopoly cash, or spin again depending on where the spinner stops.

Just like the original board game, players take turns moving around the board for the chance to buy property. However, this wouldn't be a Jeff Foxworthy-themed game without a redneck twist, so the local spots for sale include junkyards, bait shops, liquor stores, honky tonks, diners, and flea markets galore. Once you purchase one of these fine establishments, you can then buy trailers and cabins to add value to your property, much like a house or hotel in the original game. Basically, trailers and cabins will put a total hitch in your competitor's giddyup should they land on your property. (And no, you won't have to sit out front on a lawn chair to guard the place.)

Instead of paying doctor's fees or engaging in stock trades when you draw a Community Chest or Chance card, this version of Monopoly sees players duking it out over things like whose mullet won best in show at the county fair, and advancing to the local BBQ joint because the health inspector is out on vacation. Instead of railroads, players can take a ride on a riding lawnmower, a fishing boat, or in a pickup truck. Just cross your fingers that they won't run out of gas though, because at that point, your only other option is a recliner — comfortable, but it won't get you very far.

The game is intended for two to six players, ages 8 and up. It's definitely family-friendly and while it may not be quite as easy as shootin' fish in a barrel, I'm not sure I'm quite ready to explain to my little ones exactly why the car on my token has no wheels, so I may save this hilarious game for our next adults only game night.

If you didn't miss a single show on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, have made every recipe from his cookbook The Redneck Grill, and can deliver a "you might be a redneck" one-liner that packs a punch, you absolutely need the Jeff Foxworthy edition of this classic board game. It's sure to provide hours worth of down-home family fun, even if you don't actually consider yourself a tried and true redneck.