LEGO's New Halloween Sets Are So Cute It's Creepy

My husband admits he's essentially a man-child because he's infatuated with LEGOs. In fact, I got him a Batman LEGO set for his birthday last year and the completed set is currently sitting on display in our living room. I might not tell him that there are now Halloween LEGOs, but maybe you should tell your man-child or even your children because they do look pretty cool, I have to admit. And they would make for some pretty spooky Halloween decor if you put them on your mantle like my husband does. Sorry to put you on blast, hon.

The really cool thing about these sets that's different from the ones we played with when we were kids is that there's a LEGO app now, meaning you can interact with the playsets on the app. Options include finding and capturing ghosts, solving puzzles and mysteries, fighting a ghost boss, and even making haunted toilets. These super spooky Halloween LEGO sets include the creeptacular Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery, the Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus, and Hidden Side J.B.'s Ghost Lab, all ranging between $20 and $60 per set.

Graveyard Mystery is for ages 7 and up and has 335 pieces. Not only can you capture ghosts after you build this amazing set, but the tombstone statue twists, and also interacts with the app by playing a mini game. Parker and Jack minifigures are part of this set, as well as Spencer the Ghost Dog. Oh and did I mention the creepy grave that opens and the haunted tree with posable arms?

The Paranormal Intercept Bus is for ages 8 and up and comes with 689 pieces. Not only is there the fun of building this set, but you can pair it with the LEGO app and interact with the model by finding and capturing ghosts. Here you'll find the haunted toilet, a ghost boss, the opportunity to find clues and solve mysteries in the app, and even "expand role-play into the digital realm," according to the LEGO website. Parker and Jack hero minifigures, plus J.B., Worker Bill, and Worker Nana are part of the crowd. Oh and you can't forget about Spencer the Ghost Dog. The school bus has a pull-out command center, flip-out "de-haunting cannons," and rooftop scanners — perfect for your ghost hunters.

You'll feel like you've stepped inside Dr. Frankenstein's secret lab when J.B.'s Ghost Lab set is put together. There are potions, lasers, mad scientists, and even dogs and pizzas. This set is also compatible with the app and you can de-haunt the chamber as well as interact with the color wheel on the app. Jack Davids, J.B, and Elton Douglas minifigures are included in this spooky set, meant for kids ages 7 and up (includes 174 pieces).

OK, these are so cool I may have to tell my husband about them — especially since they'll make for some awesome Halloween decor. You and your kids (or partners) will have a blast building these spooktacular LEGO sets and interacting with them on the app. What will they think of next? Check them out at the closest LEGO store near you or on the LEGO website and get into the Halloween spirit if you dare.