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Here's How Corinne Olympios Got Over The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal

On this Tuesday's episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Corinne is going to sit down with Chris Harrison and talk about the events leading up to the production shut down earlier this summer. But ahead of that, Corinne Olympios explained how she got over the Bachelor In Paradise scandal and to be honest, it sounds like she's doing everything right.

A few days into production, a producer on the show filed a complaint, alleging that something that went on between Olympios and fellow cast member DeMario Jackson was not appropriate. Warner Bros. shut down production while it investigated the alleged incident and eventually concluded that there was no misconduct.

But while the studio did that, both Olympios and DeMario were caught up in a flurry of news coverage about the incident, as Bachelor Nation fans tried to deduce what had really happened. Some fans blamed Olympios for the incident and slut-shamed her. Others turned on Jackson and speculated whether or not their interactions were consensual.

After finding no wrongdoing, the show did change its rules about drinking on set, only allowing participants to have two drinks per hour. And it held an on-screen workshop about consent with cast members. But even if the show and its cast members were able to quickly move on after the scandal, Olympios and Jackson's actual, real, day-to-day lives were affected. So how did Olympios cope with the unwanted attention?

A lot of self care. She told Us Weekly on the red carpet for the Showpo U.S. Launch Party in Hollywood that her mom had been her biggest support system. Olympios added, "[I’ve been doing] a lot of yoga, a lot of therapy, just family time. We’re a really close family."

And, likely, a lot of cheesy pasta made by Raquel. Because cheese pasta is also necessary.

Olympios also said that she's just moving forward after this whole thing. The 25-year-old said:

I’ve had many different experiences with The Bachelor. All positive, all good. There was a setback, but everything really just comes from me and how I’m feeling. I always try to just come being the best I can be, the best Corinne I can be, I guess. And I really just follow my heart. I don’t really let anything else get in the way.

After DeMario gave his side of the story last week in an emotional interview with Harrision, Bachelor Nation is likely very ready to hear what Corinne has to say about what went down in that pool. She tweeted last week, "everyone: before making your assumptions, watch my interview with @chrisbharrison next week to hear it straight from me," which is a fair enough request.

Likely, fans will never know exactly what happened in Mexico, but hopefully both of them are able to put it behind them and move forward.