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Hilary Duff Parodied Rachel McAdams' Epic Breast Pump Photo & Yup, It’s Amazing

Hilary Duff and Rachel McAdams have a lot in common. They both have starred in some ridiculously fun teen movies and both have given birth to children in the past year. So, it would make sense that Hilary Duff parodied Rachel McAdams' epic breast pumping photo — because these two mamas can work a breast pump.

After giving birth to her second child and first daughter, Banks, in October, Duff hasn't shied away from sharing her life with fans. Instead, she has been incredibly open about everything — from Banks' relationship with her sibling, to Banks' struggles with colic, to Banks' journey with breastfeeding. This is incredibly awesome, and is a way to show new moms that they're not alone in whatever they're going through, especially when it comes to their newborn baby.

It seems like breastfeeding and breast pumping is one of those things that moms love to talk about, but keep behind closed doors — but something that Duff isn't afraid to talk about or show. So, when McAdams posed for a photo wearing a breast pump in Girls Girls Girls magazine, it was a pretty empowering photo to see. And it makes perfect sense that Duff would parody her — the more women who do this, the more "normal" it becomes.

In the photo, posted to Duff's Instagram account on Friday, Duff can be seen sitting on a couch at the hair salon with a breast pump attached to her boob, resting in her hand. It might be a little less glamorous than McAdams' photo (she was wearing Versace in the picture, after all), but the two photos compared to each other are absolutely perfect.

"Am I doing this right?," Duff captioned the genius photo.

Of course she did it right. There is no other way to pump than to wear the pump in style. Although both of the moms styles differ greatly, the premise is still there — they're both not afraid to show that they breast pump and they look incredible.

Duff's commenters on Instagram seem to think so, too.

"Doing everything right," one commenter wrote.

"The MANUAL pump," another commenter observed. "It's a bold choice, I like your style."

"What a perfect example you set for mommas #slayer," another commenter added.

There are so many Mean Girls jokes that people can make about this photo, and that's exactly what they did.

"I saw Regina George wearing Versace and a breast pump, so I'm wearing Versace and a breast pump," one commenter hilariously wrote.

"Break that internet, girl," another commenter added.

It's awesome that people are being so supportive of Duff rather than being dismissive of her — just as people were supportive of McAdams when her photo was posted to the internet. When the photographer of the photo, Claire Rothstein, published the photo to Instagram, she detailed what went on behind the scenes.

"...This shoot was about six months post her giving birth to her son, so she was expressing/pumping as still breastfeeding," Rothstein wrote, adding that it was McAdams' idea for Rothstein to take the photo.

But McAdams herself is a little more private when it comes to talking about her son. "I want to keep his life private, even if mine isn't," McAdams said in a November interview with the Sunday Times.

As previously stated, Duff and McAdams share a lot of similarities, but they also have their differences. And Duff has not only spoken a lot about her children, but she's also publicly talked about breastfeeding, too. In 2012, Duff told People that breastfeeding was a "very special time" for her with her son. Duff said:

It's such a wonderful bonding time. Just to have your baby thrive and knowing that you're doing that and you're responsible — it's such a rewarding feeling.

But the fact that both of these moms are willing to share this part of their lives is just as rewarding as breastfeeding is for them. More power to the breast pumping moms out there.

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