Here's The 6-Foot-Tall Inflatable Christmas Unicorn You Didn't Know You Needed

It's about time to start decking the halls and setting the house all aglow. Perhaps you're due for a trip to purchase some new decorations, too. And strolling through the seasonal decor aisle at Home Depot, you probably wouldn't think this inflatable Christmas unicorn would be a thing, but 2019 has been the year of the Great Unicorn Resurgence, so of course it is. If you have unicorn-obsessed children at home like everyone else in America, you may just have to "add to cart."

Seriously, have you looked around any store, anywhere this year and not seen unicorns somewhere? Unicorn fever seems to have been building for the last few years. Data from Google Trends suggests the Starbucks unicorn frappucino could be to blame. The term "unicorns" has been increasingly searched since 2012, but went off the charts around the time of the fairy-tale frapp's release. Perhaps it began even earlier in 2016, when Adeline Waugh, food photographer and blogger of Vibrant and Pure, posted the first unicorn toast to Instagram.

In any case, retailers caught up to the unicorn obsession in 2019, unlocking new levels of insanity. Grown adults dressed as unicorns for Halloween. Crazy Daisies have disappeared and giant unicorn sprinklers have taken their place. And now? Now, there's this.

If you just so happen to be in need of a massive, multicolored, fairy-tale creature in blowup form, boy does Home Depot have. You. Covered. Standing at six feet tall, this unicorn will tower over any children who approach it, and perhaps even the parents who blow it up. This is significantly taller than the average horse, so it's not exactly to scale, but bigger is better when it comes to Christmas decor. It's metallic hooves and horn will shine day or night and reflect all your other outdoor lights beautifully.

And that MANE. A rainbow mane and tail perfectly complement this creature's luscious eyelashes. The Christmas wreath around its neck makes it all the more festive. The unicorn is lit from within with energy efficient LED lights so it can be seen with ease, and at a distance, at nighttime. Honestly, maybe Rudolph should watch his back. This unicorn is coming for his job.

Home Depot

The best part of these inflatable Christmas decorations is how easy they make it to set up and tear down. This unicorn self-inflates in seconds, comes with stakes and tethers to secure it to the lawn, packs away compactly for easy storage. If you're looking to create a whole fable-worthy Christmas scene, you may want to consider a seasonal dragon, a hippo ballerina, or a tinsel unicorn with fairy wings.

But if it will delight your kids or your neighborhood children on their strolls to see the houses all lit up, then sure, put the dang thing in your cart. One more unicorn purchased won't make the craze any worse, right? Just know that you should prepare your bank account for what's coming in 2020: the year of the llama. Feel free to get in on that ahead of the trend.