This Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume From KiwiCo Is Equal Parts STEM & Sparkle

It’s mid-September, which means that your go-to store is probably selling out of Halloween costumes as we speak. Before you grab whatever’s left on the shelf, though, (Anna or Elsa, anyone?), take a look at this super cute Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume from KiwiCo which your child can magically create all by herself. And maybe with a little guidance from you, too.

But let’s say that your child’s (or more to the point, your) crafting skills are more like Charlie Brown with a pair of scissors and a bed sheet. Don’t fret. The kit comes complete with a unicorn head, shiny felt sheets, lights, a matching tail — and most importantly, easy-to-follow instructions to help it all come together.

As your child works to create her costume before Halloween, she can learn about iridescence while transforming the shiny felt sheets into the unicorn’s mane and tail. She can even read about how the unicorn myth came to be (something to do with a one-horned deer, according to TIME). And she’ll feel like an electrician/wizard as she gets the horn to light up.

When it comes down to it, the costume is comprised of two parts: the tail and the head, which sits like a helmet upon your child’s noggin. This can be particularly important for kids who want to dress up but don’t like masks. After all, some kids are terrified of masks because they can’t see the face behind it, Live Science reported. Masks can be stifling, too. I remember feeling so claustrophobic one Halloween when I wore my Strawberry Shortcake costume. All it had was two tiny openings for the eyes, and two tiny (and I mean, microscopic) airholes to breathe through. I felt, for sure, that I was going to pass out while I was racking up my candy loot. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking that I looked more like a killer than a cutely scented doll.

Now, if your kid is trick or treating in a group, it can be easy to lose sight of her in a sea of similarly costumed kids, especially at nighttime. The Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume ensures that you can always see your child’s sweet face — and more importantly, locate her as she travels from one house to another.

Halloween costumes tend to be made from flimsy fabric, which can be an issue if you live in an area that can be cold by the end of October. Since the Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume is really just a headpiece and a tail, your child can wear what she wants (think sweats and a jacket) and still stay warm. While that means that you won’t have to worry about her freezing her, um, tail off.

As far as Halloween costumes go, this one, for me, is a huge parenting win. It allows your child to build up her STEM skills (and confidence) by creating her very own Halloween masterpiece. It also gives your kid a sense of accomplishment that goes far beyond just picking and plucking a pre-made costume off the shelf. And when she gets compliments on her Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume (and she will), your child will be able to proudly proclaim that she made it all on her own.

You glow, girl.