Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Liz & Jade Have Known Each Other Forever

It's always a beautiful thing when friendships can blossom from competing with each other for the same man or woman on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but for Jade, a veteran by now, and Liz, a contestant on Season 21 of The Bachelor, their friendship goes far beyond the constraints of reality TV. So how long have Liz and Jade been friends? The Bachelor alums' friendship started all the way back in kindergarten, according to Jade via Twitter. In fact, Liz had absolutely nothing to do with The Bachelor at all, prior to Nick's season and she may have even remained away from the series, had it not been for Nick, the one night stand who still kind of held her interest.

Recently, a fan tweeted to Jade, asking her if she and Liz were related or just very good friends, to which the former Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star replied that they've been best friends for almost 25 years. And in another tweet in support of Liz and her time on The Bachelor, Jade said that the contestant is the closest thing she had to a sister, so they're obviously super close. But being besties since kindergarten will probably have that effect.

Way back when Jade chose Liz to be her maid of honor, she posted an adorable photo of the two of them on Instagram with the caption: "I couldn't ask for a better maid of honor, my best friend since kindergarten, my other soul mate, my friend who gets my taste in music, and my favorite person to be weird with any day of the week. Love you." BFF goals, am I right?

Jade and Tanner's 2016 wedding was the reason Nick and Liz, Jade met in the first place, but after hooking up Liz thought it best for them to go their separate ways. And on Season 21 of The Bachelor, both Liz and Nick decided that too much time and not enough off-screen conversations had occurred for them to do anything about their would-be relationship. But since Liz's elimination, her BFF has had her back via social media, cementing that multi-decades-long friendship the two share.

Jade and Liz were both born and raised in Nebraska and basically grew up together. Neither of them have actual sisters, so it's safe to assume that their bond flourished because of their need for that sisterly female connection and today, they remain close.

But even though Liz's time on The Bachelor was short-lived, there is still the possibility of branching out to Bachelor In Paradise, just as her best friend did, and that's where the real fun is anyway.