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Taylor's Engagement Ring Proved 'Bachelor In Paradise' Spared No Expense

One of the perks of getting engaged on one of the shows in the Bachelor franchise is getting the engagement ring totally paid for. While that’s not exactly an incentive to get engaged, it does give some of the men the chance to propose with a ring they might not have been to afford otherwise. And now that it’s all but confirmed that Taylor and Derek are engaged, how much does Taylor’s engagement ring cost on Bachelor in Paradise? The show spared no expense in helping Derek pick out a classic Neil Lane engagement ring for his future wife and by any standards, it’s an extravagant cost.

According to E! News, the platinum setting with no less than three carats of diamonds is valued at more than $60,000. You can also see photos of Taylor's engagement ring over at People. It was teased in the preview for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 finale that someone would be getting engaged since it would seem that there were none of the usual proposals on the actual show this season. Although Derek and Taylor haven’t admitted that it is indeed them, there are enough reports about the taping of the Bachelor in Paradise after show to confirm what fans already suspect, which is that Derek and Taylor are gearing up to tie the knot.

In addition to joining some of the successful couples of Bachelor Nation, Derek and Taylor also get to join the ranks of those who were gifted some serious Neil Lane bling to start their engagements off right. Most recently, Evan Bass from Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise proposed to contestant Carly Waddell with a Neil Lane engagement ring valued at a reported $90,000. It’s been a long standing tradition for the rings in Bachelor Nation to come from celebrity jeweler Neil Lane and while it’s not quite clear if they’re gifted to the show for all of that publicity or if the network pays out of pocket for them, they’ve been as much a staple to the franchise as those thornless roses.

Unlike past seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, however, Derek apparently didn’t propose while filming the actual show, but instead did it during the Aug. 30 taping of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 after show. And although a source reportedly told Us Weekly that "No one knew Derek was going to propose," something tells me that Chris Harrison at the very least knew something would happen during the taping.

Even though Season 4 was a noticeably shorter season than those of the past, Taylor’s engagement ring still got the usual Neil Lane treatment and judging by the preview for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 finale, he picked a good one.

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