Hidden Valley's Holiday Collection Includes A Magnum Of Ranch Dressing & More

You may have seen those giant bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch floating around the internet recently, and you're about to see them again, but this time your ranch-flavored vision is going to get a whole lot better. That's because if you're a ranch dressing lover, this giant magnum-sized Hidden Valley holiday ranch bottle won't be the only thing on your wish list this year. There's a whole line of HVR (Hidden Valley Ranch) products coming out in December, so get ready to check off all your favorites.

I don't like ranch dressing, I love ranch dressing. In fact, I love all condiments so, I don't discriminate when it comes to dipping food into flavorful goodness. Seriously, I'm not even joking or exaggerating when I say that the more I can dip, the better. But there's just something about ranch dressing that makes it my favorite of all the condiments. Ranch dressing is like an old friend, a best friend that you can go anywhere with and always have a good time. Ranch dressing tastes good on everything. Pizza? Heck yes. Chicken? Always. French fries? Every darn kind. I'm such a ranch dressing enthusiast that I'm even aware of the restaurants that carry the best ranch dressing and will literally go out of my way to go to those restaurants, specifically for their ranch dressing. This love affair between me and ranch is serious. On the flip side, I'm also aware of the places that don't carry ranch — say what? Yeah, there are actual restaurants that are somehow in business without carrying ranch dressing. Horrifying, I know. But it seems to be a thing in New York City. No, let me rephrase — it's an epidemic. Many restaurants won't carry ranch and instead will try to push something boujee on you like, truffle aioli — which, I'll still eat, but c'mon. We want ranch!

So if you experience this same problem, HVR is coming to the rescue with their line of limited edition ranch-themed holiday gifts. One thing is for sure, if you get that giant bottle of ranch dressing you won't be running out anytime soon. In fact, you'll have enough to feed a whole restaurant. It's almost the size of a 2 liter soda — it's that big. And wait until you see all the other items you can score to show off your ranch dressing pride! While some of these products aren't available for purchase until December 3, that still gives you plenty of time to plan ahead.

Check out this amazing HVR sweater, perfect for that ugly sweater party. Broadcast your love of ranch and be proud this year because, ranch always goes with pizza. If you don't agree, I will fight you on it.

Honestly, what kind of tree would yours be if you didn't have this magnificent HVR tree topper? With this exquisite statement piece you'll show all your visitors where your priorities really are. Don't worry, your heart is in the right place.

You can even wrap all your HVR gifts with this convenient (and awesome) wrapping paper set that comes complete with ribbon and tags.

This giant inflatable bottle of ranch is taking the internet by storm and it's honestly a perfect way to squander $150, but at least you can remind all your neighbors what to get you this year.

I am no stranger to the BYOR — Bring Your Own Ranch — method of dining, and this accessory will only make you look that much cooler when you stick it to all those boujee restaurants that don't have ranch, c'mon really?! Who does that though?