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If You Plan On Hitting Up Aldi's For All Your Memorial Day Needs, Shop Early

Like most holidays in America, food is a big part of Memorial Day celebrations. It may not require as much prep as Thanksgiving, but you still need to have snacks on hand to feed your kiddos once their fingers go pruney from their first pool day of the season. ALDI will have limited hours on Memorial Day though, so they are your grocer of choice, you may want to stock up early.

You might be surprised Memorial Day will impact ALDI's hours at all, in part because so many grocery stores typically stay open on the holiday. The federal government closes on Memorial Day to honor all American soldiers lost in any U.S. conflict as Time and Day reported, and many businesses follow suit; however, retailers and grocers often stay open in an effort to appeal to all the potential shoppers who will be off that day. Stores like Publix, Trader Joes, Target, and Walmart will all be open with regular hours, but ALDI is limiting its business on Memorial Day according to the company website, only staying open for a few hours. Each ALDI store operates differently, so you'll have to look up your location's exact holiday hours to know when you can shop there. But you can expect them them co close early to give their employees the chance to enjoy the holiday as well.

Closing for holidays isn't a new thing for the grocery chain. ALDI also has limited hours on The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve, and they close completely on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. But they're open pretty much every other day of the year, with plenty of foods at bargain prices to keep shoppers coming back. You can keep track of what's new at the store on their website, which is updated regularly as seasonal items come into stock. Right now, for example, they're promoting Orange Mimosa, which combines orange juice and white wine for you so you don't even have to be bothered with mixing it yourself. They're also promoting ice creams and seltzers at the moment, so summer is definitely on the horizon for ALDI shoppers.

If you know you're going to need fresh food for Memorial Day but aren't sure when you'll be able to head to the store, you might want to check out ALDI's grocery delivery service. As long as there's an ALDI in your zip code, you can buy everything you need online in advance and have it dropped off at your front door. Just think how nice it will be avoiding the holiday weekend rush — Aldi draws in the crowds thanks to their bargain prices, so you can pretty much count on shopping cart to shopping cart traffic at your local Aldi come Memorial Day weekend.

And worst case scenario, you can always just head to another grocery store if ALDI is closed when you need reinforcements. When there's a will, there's a way, and when there's an open grocery store, there's a successful Memorial Day.