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Alexis Has Been Enjoying Her Time On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

One of the most memorable women from Nick’s season of The Bachelor was definitely Alexis Waters, and not just because she was the contestant who showed up in a shark costume that she claimed was actually a dolphin suit. It was because she was able to not only get along with almost everyone, but make them laugh as well. The same can be said for her this season on Bachelor in Paradise, but can a love connection ever be made? Is Alexis single after Bachelor in Paradise?

There’s no denying that she’s a great catch overall and that she doesn’t have a difficult time making friends, but it also doesn’t seem like she isn't able to find a budding romance that Bachelor in Paradise is all about. At the first rose ceremony, Alexis gave her rose to Jack Stone from Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, but ahead of the next ceremony, he has become less than enthusiastic about giving her his rose. Of course this was in large part thanks to the mystery eating game she forced him into where she almost tricked him into eating a dead crab. (I love you, Alexis, but that really was a gross move.) But even without finding love, Alexis seems like she's having a good time on Bachelor in Paradise this season.

On Alexis’ Instagram, there’s no evidence of a significant other and as viewers have seen, she hasn't gotten the chance to go on any dates so far this season, but it also looks as though she's just really enjoying being herself and entertaining everyone else around her.

The only potential match that could have been made for Alexis this season was with DeMario of all people, who ended up leaving early due to the allegations of sexual misconduct between himself and Corinne early in the season. Although he was cleared on all of the accusations, he declined returning, but did recently reveal that one of his regrets during his short time on Bachelor in Paradise this season was not getting closer to Alexis while on the show.

"To be completely honest, I wanted to go back solely for Alexis," DeMario revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "It broke me down into tears, thinking I met this dope ass girl in Paradise and that she was going to find someone else."

He added that since he’s not looking for any kind of romantic relationship anytime soon, that isn’t the goal with Alexis right now, but she has been there for him. "She’s been my rock through all of this, my comedy relief," DeMario said. "We went to Disneyland last week. She’s been there through a very dark time. Nothing sexual or intimate, just being there."

At the Women Tell All taping at the end of The Bachelor Season 21, Alexis was already all for going on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. "Hell yeah, I'm so down for [Bachelor in Paradise]," Alexis told E! News backstage at the Women Tell All special in March. "I want to do it so bad. But we'll see if I'm still single. I feel like I came out of the womb for Bachelor in Paradise."

If being single was the deciding factor of Alexis appearing on Bachelor in Paradise this season, then she was more than likely single going into the show. And since there’s been no evidence of any great love in her life since filming ended, I’d guess that Alexis almost prefers the single life. That doesn’t mean fans wouldn't love to see her return to find love for a few more seasons, though. Maybe someday she’ll get the Nick Viall treatment and be made Bachelorette? Fans can certainly dream.