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Is Publix Open On Easter 2020? You'll Probably Need More Eggs

If you wake up on Easter morning and realize you’re out of something essential, like eggs for brunch because you dyed them all (or coffee to get you through the process of finding those eggs), then you’re not alone. When going to the grocery store is a rare event, you’re bound to run out of something essential, even if those things are hollow chocolate bunnies (the Easter bunny is also a little forgetful this year). So you might be wondering if Publix is open on Easter, just in case. Unfortunately, like many chains (including Costco and Trader Joe’s), Publix is closed this year for Easter, April 12.

If you’re stocking up on Saturday, the day before Easter, Publix will be open. A customer service representative told Romper that in order to properly sanitize their stores, Publix's hours have changed (at least for now) to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; however, because everything is so up-in-the-air at the moment, the representative was unable to confirm whether these hours would still be in effect in the days leading up to Easter. To be safe, it’s best to call your local store if you’re hoping to shop early or late.

If you've had to re-think your Easter plans this year, you can still have an Easter feast at home (possibly including Reese's Puffs Peanut Butter Bunnies cereal, as all sophisticated meals do).

There are also plenty of fun Easter treats you can order online; just make sure to stock up on food in advance. And if you find yourself in a real last-minute jam, certain grocery chains like Safeway and Whole Foods will be open, just be sure to call before you go as many stores have abbreviated hours.