woman shopping at sam's club
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Is Sam's Club Open On Thanksgiving 2019? Last-Minute Shoppers Should Take Note

At long last... you greet the morning dawn of November 28: Turkey Day! But what's this? You just realized you forgot to buy 13 pounds of whipped icing or a Kentucky bourbon barrel cake! No need to panic. Just head on over to Sam's Club! But wait... before you go gentle into that good morn, is Sam's Club even open on Thanksgiving?

The answer, I'm afraid, is no. The paradise of bulk goods will be shuttered on this day of gratitude and family feasting. I know, it sounds like an odd business move, as it seems like a store that sells a box of 600 plastic forks would want to keep its doors open on a day when people gather in herds to stuff their faces. But no. Sam's Club has, like many other big box stores, decided to observe Thanksgiving as a day meant for celebrating our blessings and the bonds of family and friends... not a day for cold commerce, and purchasing cheddar cheese sauce by the tub.

Whether their decision was made due to pressure from customers threatening to boycott stores who dared stay open on Thanksgiving, or simply because they felt it was wrong to force employees to stack Go-Go Squeez on a national holiday, who knows. Regardless, I applaud the decision, as really, every American should have the opportunity to sit around a crowded table and eat overcooked poultry whilst arguing with their family.

It warms the heart a bit that Sam's Club is taking this step... until you realize that they of course will still be open online on Thanksgiving. (But maybe their online store is manned by robots? And robots totally don't need Thanksgiving. At least, not yet.)

Many other stores will also be locked up on T-givs. You will not have easy physical access to books (Barnes and Noble) hamster wheels (Pet Smart) or Kallax (IKEA), reported USA Today.

Interestingly enough, however, shopping on Thanksgiving day is expected to increase this year, also according to USA Today.

So I suppose we can salute Sam's Club for at least partially observing the upcoming holiday and showing some restraint... allowing for communal gathering to come before consumerism.

At least until 7am the next day, of course. When people tear the doors off the hinges for Black Friday.