Here's How To Repurpose Your "Pre-Loved" Maternity Clothes With Isabella Oliver

Buying an entire new wardrobe for just a few months of wear during pregnancy can get expensive. The expense is even more frustrating when you consider these clothes will probably just end up in a landfill after only a few wears. Enter Isabella Oliver's "Pre-Loved" maternity clothing donation program. The retailer's new initiative is a potential game-changer when it comes to getting the most out of your maternity wear. By recycling your maternity clothes with Isabella Oliver, you can help other moms save a few bucks, reduce the amount of clothing waste in landfills, donate to charity, and receive a discount the next time you need to shop for maternity clothes for yourself.

The Isabella Oliver maternity clothing donation service (called "Re-love, Repurpose, Recycle") is currently only available to U.K. customers and can only be redeemed once per household, but Isabella Oliver is set to launch a U.S. Pre-Loved program on Thursday, Nov. 28. So now you can spend your Turkey Day this year donating to moms in need. If you're anything like me, you've likely got an entire drawer full of maternity wear to spare.

The process of donating your pre-loved maternity clothes is surprisingly simple. Got maternity clothes you aren't wearing? Wash and fold them, fill out a donation form, and Isabella Oliver will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Pack them up, ship them out, and receive a coupon for £20 (about $25 USD at the current exchange rate) off your next purchase from Isabella Oliver or their sister company, Baukjen.

Donated maternity clothes can be from any retailer. The donation does not have to be clothing specifically from Isabella Oliver in order for the company to accept the donation. Once received, donated maternity clothing will either be re-loved, repurposed, or recycled.

Some donated maternity clothing will be sold online through Isabella Oliver's Pre-Loved Collection. The items in the Pre-Loved Collection are sold at a discounted rate that can help expecting moms save some cash when shopping for quality maternity wear. Discount amounts will vary, but, for example, an Allegra maternity dress by Isabella Oliver is normally priced at £115 (approximately $148 USD) and is currently on sale for £57 (approximately $74 USD) new. The same exact style of dress from the Pre-Loved Collection in a lighter shade of blue is £40 (approximately $52 USD).

The savings can really add up for an expecting mom, and each purchase will also help benefit other moms-to-be as well. When clothing is purchased from the Isabella Oliver Pre-Loved Collection, 50 percent of the net proceeds from each garment will be donated to charities Women and Children First and Birth Companions, according to the company's website.

Donated maternity clothing could also end up being repurposed by being donated to a charity who will give your donation to a mom in need of maternity clothing. If donated clothing is not added to the Pre-Loved Collection or donated to charity, Isabella Oliver will recycle the donated maternity clothing in a sustainable way to ensure a low impact is made on the environment. No matter which path your old maternity clothing takes, when you send them to Isabella Oliver, you're either helping another new mom, or you're helping the environment by not letting those clothes end up in a landfill. Either way, this donation program is a win-win for eco-conscious moms.