Jessa Duggar Clears Up A Major Duggar Family Myth About Social Media

by Gillian Walters

Jessa Duggar often responds to comments fans leave on her Instagram posts, which is something many people appreciate. And on Friday, Jessa Duggar cleared up a big rumor about the Duggar family's social media practices during a discussion with a fan about her older sister, Jana Duggar. Prepare to have your minds blown, Counting On diehards.

Before Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 kids became household names, social media really wasn't a thing. And even it was, I highly doubt Michelle and Jim Bob would have had Facebook or Twitter accounts. The couple didn't even own a TV during their first year of marriage, for crying out loud.

But now, six Duggar siblings have Instagram accounts — Jessa, John-David, Joy-Anna, Jinger, Josiah, and Jill. Michelle and Jim Bob also run family Facebook and Instagram accounts.

As you might have already noticed, only the married or coupled up Duggars are on the 'gram. The only person who ever had an account prior to courting was Josiah, by the way, according to In Touch Weekly.

Throughout the years, fans assumed the single Duggars — especially where it concerns the women (got to love that Duggar sexism) — weren't permitted to have social media accounts. In fact, a fan went as far to point that theory out on an Instagram post Jessa shared Friday. (The post features multiple pics of Jessa and her sons buying pumpkins with Jana.)

"I think their family has their own rule that they can’t have their own social media until they are in a relationship," a person said in response to another fan who questioned why Jana isn't on Instagram.

Jessa, however, debunked this rumor right away. "It’s not a rule, it’s just coincidence. 😂" she said.

Interesting, right? This truth also explains why Josiah had an Instagram account before he started courting Lauren Duggar in January.

Of course, it's fair to wonder why the older Duggar siblings like Jana and the twins, 19-year-old Jedidiah and Jeremiah, aren't on Instagram. Wouldn't they want to join in on the action?

The likely answer here is that the group isn't interested in social media. Jana, for instance, is busy with her garden and new dog.

Jessa once said about Jana's commitment to gardening, according to In Touch Weekly:

It is like a work of art. She has this thing laid out so perfectly, she's built this whole chicken coop down there, she's got this outdoor entertaining space with these Italian string lights, and it's beautiful. It's a great hangout place in the evenings — we love to go down there and just sit around and have a cup of coffee.

Not to mention, Jana is probably preoccupied caring for her new pup, Willow. Jessa revealed in an Instagram post from Friday that the eldest Duggar sis got the dog, a development that delighted fans.

"Awww, Jana's dog is so cute!!" someone said, according to Instagram.

"Wow, what a pretty dog!" a fan added.

And one person brought up the idea of dedicating an entire TLC special to Jana, writing:

We need an episode on a day in the life of Jana. She's like a ninja... everywhere, quietly working and doing amazing things for everyone. It has been a while since there was a full 'Jana update'.

As much as it would be nice if Jana or her other single siblings joined Instagram (gardening and dogs are two enjoyable topics), it makes sense that they want to avoid it for now. It's not always easy for a Duggar on social media, after all, and the siblings are often critiqued over silly things. It's nice to know, however, that Jana and co. have the option to sign up for the 'gram if they so desire.