Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Announce Their Baby’s Sex, & Fans Are Seriously So Excited

by Gillian Walters

Ever since Jinger Duggar announced her first pregnancy in January, fans have expressed a great interest in the sex of her baby. If you don't believe me, check her Instagram account for proof — each recent post is filled to the brim with people asking about baby Vuolo's sex. Translation: Counting On diehards are chomping at the bit to find out whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will be adding another boy or girl to their long list of grandkids. But just when you thought the news would be kept secret until the birth, Jinger Duggar announced her baby's sex on Monday, and what she said is so sweet. Not only are fans thrilled with the sweet reveal, but they're over-the-moon about the baby's sex. Spoiler alert: The Duggar grandkids are in for a bit of a shakeup.

If you follow the Duggars closely, you probably noticed that a good portion of the family traveled from their home in Tontitown, Arkansas, to Waco, Texas, this past weekend. Although it looked like the fam took the trip to enjoy Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market, some fans speculated that the big brood hit up Texas for the sex reveal of Jinger's baby. Adding fuel to this theory is that the Duggars typically announce big news on Mondays (Josiah Duggar's engagement, Jinger's pregnancy, Kendra Duggar's pregnancy) — leading fans to suspect that big news was afoot. Well, pat yourself on the back Counting On sleuths because Jinger took to People on Monday to announce that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are having a ... girl. Yep, Jinger and Vuolo will have the first Duggar granddaughter since 2015. And if you don't count Anna Duggar in this equation, this will be the first Duggar granddaughter born to a biological Duggar ever. Woot woot.

Of course, Jinger and Vuolo are *thrilled* to be welcoming a girl into their family. “We are so happy to announce that we are having a little baby girl," the couple gushed in a joint statement, according to People:

We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer. We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love.

Aww, talk about a sweet announcement. Not only is it cute that Jinger and Vuolo can't wait to finally "shower" their daughter with "love," but it's especially touching that they decided to include their moms in the big reveal. It's clear the couple have already put a lot of thought into their daughter's development and future.

Heartwarming details aside, how exactly did the reveal go down? Well, it's a safe bet a lot of planning went into the affair because it involved an obstacle course. Yep, sex reveal parties are still exceedingly complicated.

What went down is this: the Duggars were first divided into either a blue or pink team. Once the teams were sorted, each member had to eat a single serve container of ice cream before they completed an obstacle course. The first team who finished the obstacle course (and ice cream) got to switch on a neon "baby" sign. Obviously, the neon sign lit up in pink. Although it might sound like a lot of work to some people, it seems to fit the spirit of the Duggars — this family loves their obstacle courses.

But what's especially interesting about this bash is that Jinger and Vuolo already knew their baby's sex. Apparently, the couple found out the sex at 20 weeks, according to TLC. Hmm, I guess Vuolo and Jinger were fibbing when in March they claimed not to know the baby's sex...

Either way, fans are absolutely psyched that a Duggar girl is joining the mix.

"I was hoping you would a have a baby girl," one fan commented on Instagram. "So many boys already. Just wanted you to have a girl. Enjoy her!!"

Another person chimed in: "Yay it’s a girl!!!!! The boy streak has been broken finally lol."

"Yay I am so excited for them a girl," someone else added.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say people are *beyond* excited to hear that baby Vuolo is a girl. As for Vuolo and Jinger, however, I bet they're just happy to become parents for the first time.