Joy-Anna Duggar's "Fun Facts" About Austin Forsyth Are Quite Eye-Opening

by Gillian Walters

Now that many of the older Duggar siblings are married, there's a growing curiosity among fans to know more about the spouses of Counting On. So some viewers will be pleased to know Joy-Anna Duggar shared fun facts about Austin Forsyth in honor of his 26th birthday on Wednesday.

In honor of Forsyth's 26th trip around the sun, Duggar shared numerous homages to her husband of two years, including a 16-point list about his background. Although some facts are already known, there were plenty of eye-opening ones, too.

  • He has been a Firefighter/EMT for 5 years.
  • He is a Pilot.
  • He is a Commercial Contractor.
  • He is a house flipper.
  • He is a Long Range Shooter.
  • He runs a Excavation business.
  • He plays the fiddle.
  • He is a Farmer.
  • He works as Camp Staff during the summer.
  • He is very athletic and loves playing backyard football!!
  • He is outgoing.
  • He is an incredible husband. Constantly giving of himself and always the first to ask forgiveness.
  • He is such a fun Dad. I am so thankful with how much he is involved in Gideon’s life
  • Family is very important to him.
  • Somehow he has 3 times the amount of clothes and coats that I do!
  • His favorite desserts/snacks are Boston Creme Pie, Garden Salsa Chips, & Twix Candy!

Duggar shared the list alongside a throwback photo of Forsyth, and if you told me it was there 1-year-old son, Gideon, I'd 100% believe you. Holy paternal genes.

Twinning aside, there are few interesting tidbits to go over in this post. For starters, Forsyth plays the fiddle? When did I miss this? Then there's the topic of his many careers — someone please fill me in on how someone can be a farmer, pilot, run a business, work as a commercial contractor, and volunteer as a firefighter all at once. Oh, and also work at a summer camp on the side. Has Forsyth tapped into some cloning technology or does he forgo sleep? I'm quite curious.

Many people are as amazed as I am, with one fan commenting, "Wow I never knew he was such a HARD worker!!! That’s more than anyone could handle. That’s incredible!"

Someone else said: "Wow, he's a busy fella! Now we definitely want to see a video of him playing the fiddle. I love fiddle playing."

It remains to be seen if Forsyth will pick up any other gigs by the time his 27th birthday rolls around in December 2020, but I wouldn't surprised if this ends up being the case.