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Jessica Biel's Birthday Celebration For Justin Timberlake Was A Real Snore

Oh the life of a famous celebrity. Going out to glamorous parties, staying out til dawn. Isn't that what we all imagine? Well we're all wrong about at least one super glamorous couple. Sure, this pair might be gorgeous and talented and wealthy and famous, but guess what? They're also working parents who just want to get some damn sleep. Which is why Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's attempted date night looks like almost all of our date nights when we're trying to raise a kid and have a career.

The "Say Something" singer was preparing to celebrate his 38th birthday, albeit the night before his actual birthday, as per Pop Sugar, with his wife of seven years, Jessica Biel. The pair are parents to 3-year-old son Silas Randall, and of course we're all perfectly well aware that they have super busy careers as well; Timberlake as a touring musician and recently published author, Biel as an actress and a producer. Still, you have to make time for those special life moments together, you know? Really make the effort to honor each other and stay connected as a couple. Which is what The Sinner actress clearly intended for her husband's pre-birthday celebration... just after one quick little nap.

On Wednesday Timberlake shared a short video on Instagram, apparently from the back seat of a car. In the video he is whisper-singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, which seems a little weird until you read the caption:

Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight...

He pans the camera over to his "wifey," who is asleep beside him in the car. Before they've even gone out for the night and I've never liked her more. Because honestly, sometimes the concept of leaving your house and your comfy sweats after dark can just feel like a lot to ask of a mom. Apparently even a famous mom like Jessica Biel.

Biel wakes up and smiles like she doesn't mind even a little bit that her husband shared a video of her sleeping. She tells him she was "just preparing for our big night out." Which sort of makes it sound like they don't have too many big nights out. Perhaps because they're busy raising a kid and working and this can honestly feel like about as much effort as a person can make in life without adding the bit about leaving the house at night. Even for Justin Timberlake's birthday.

I'm sure there are some couples with young kids who can really tear it up at night, no problem. It just makes me a little bit happy that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel don't appear to be one of them. I don't know why; maybe because it fits in well with my image of them as this very relatable couple who would be my friends if only we happened to know each other in real life. And Jessica Biel enjoying a brief disco nap in the back of the car on her way proves I'm probably right.

They're normal folk like us.