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This Video Of Khloe Kardashian & Daughter True Is All About Positivity

For the past few months there has been a very specific narrative concerning Khloé Kardashian on social media, in no small part because of her break-up with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson. That narrative is all about her being the victim. The spurned lover, the woman who can't seem to pick a man. It's nonsense, of course, because while the Good American jean designer might have been hurt, she's also someone who works on loving herself. And she's passing that self-love on to her daughter right out of the gate. Khloé Kardashian and True are all about positivity in this empowering video she recently shared, because self-love needs to start early and be practiced often.

Ever since the Revenge Body host gave birth to daughter True Thompson with NBA player Tristan Thompson last April, Khloé has made it patently obvious that she is in love. In love with her daughter, in love with being a mom, and in love with her new life. Sure, it clearly wasn't ideal when her boyfriend allegedly cheated on her more than once (which she addressed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, as per News Hub), but nothing can take away from her adoration of her baby girl. And she's making sure that True not only knows she is loved, but is learning every day how to love herself.

In a video Khloé shared with her millions of fans on Friday, she and True are in front of a full length mirror. True is kissing herself and saying "hi" in the mirror, which got me right in the ovaries. And her mom is using encouraging phrases like, "Do you love yourself?" "Say, 'I am so happy!'" "I am so strong!" True might be too little to fully grasp the power of those words at just under one-year-old, but hearing them on a daily basis should definitely make a difference. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she has a mom who adores her.

Apparently this isn't the first time Khloé and True have done some daily aspirations in the mirror together. Back in February the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star told Stellar magazine that she was working to make sure her daughter was confident within herself because of her own experiences with the media in the past:

I never, ever considered myself chubby or overweight. I didn’t know that I was until I went on TV, and everyone told me that I was ‘fat’. I never felt that way because my family never allowed me to. Anything about me that was positive, they would point out.

To combat the possible negative effects of social media, Khloé had a plan for her daughter, as she noted in the Stellar interview, as per MSN:

As silly as it sounds, I do positive affirmations with her in the morning. We sit in front of the mirror. It’s so corny: ‘I am beautiful!’

I love that Khloé is already working towards helping her daughter pick her own definition of how she's going to feel about herself. Because as the reality star knows all too well, the internet will absolutely have negative things to say about you, no matter who you are. So why not choose to love yourself instead of waiting for other people to let you know how they feel about you?

It's genius.