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Kim Kardashian's New Year's Post With Paris Hilton Is Getting Fans Nostalgic


If you're a fan of Kim Kardashian West who assumes she and her family were always famous, I'm about to freak your freak. Because she was once an unknown girl who organized closets and hung out with a famous girl, the actual Paris Hilton. That was many moons ago, of course, but the two spent years linked at the hip. And it looks like they haven't forgotten the good old days either. If you're looking for a good old-fashioned walk down memory lane, please enjoy Kim Kardashian's New Year's post with Paris Hilton. It might not have made me misty or anything, but it certainly did remind me of the days of bedazzled Sidekicks and lip gloss.

Paris Hilton first introduced the world to Kim Kardashian in 2006. Back then, Hilton was the socialite who had legions of fans (and just as many critics) admiring her simply for being exactly who she was: an heiress to the Hilton fortune and a trendsetter. She was a social media influencer before that was a thing, essentially, and she used that influence to bring Kim Kardashian into our lives, according to The Huffington Post. At the time, Hilton hired Kardashian (their families are longtime friends) to be her closet organizer, but her role ended up being more of the "professional best friend" variety. The two were constantly seen together at parties, fashion shows... wherever there were famous people and photographers, that's where you would find them.

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Of course, by 2007 Kim sort of had her own thing going on. That was the year Keeping Up With The Kardashians got started, and the rest is history. The two have had something of an on again/off again friendship over the years since then, as Glamour reported, despite the fact that their families have remained close. But it looks like this year, the friendship is definitely on again. Because Kim posted a cute pic of the two from mom Kris Jenner's famous Christmas Eve party, and now I feel like it's 2006 all over again.

The KKW mogul shared a few pictures of the two women sledding outside her Calabasas home (I gather the snow was fake, by the way) with the caption:

Happy New Year from me and @parishilton 😍✨😜
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Hilton also shared a picture of the two having a great time, so I guess they're friends again.

This isn't the first time the two have paired up on social media; in fact, each of them appear to enjoy a little #tbt time every once in awhile, perhaps because they're both keenly aware of how much we all love it.

Life has moved on since the halcyon days of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton wandering the streets wearing matching lederhosen and braids, but here's the good news; these two famous women haven't forgotten.

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And while there was perhaps a time when they both had some enmity for each other in their hearts, it's good to know they can still hang out. Because old friends know you deep down. Also they know your secrets so you might as well try to get along, if you get my drift.

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