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Kim K's Pic Of Saint Pretending To Nap With Psalm Will Melt Your Heart

Kim Kardashian-West is now a mom of four and I get the feeling that she's loving it. As a fellow mom of four I can tell you that there is a balance you can achieve in your household if you are really very lucky. That balance happens when all of your kids find their pal within the family. Ideally they will all be friends, but if you have four kids and two sort of mini friend groups within the four, you're laughing. She should be laughing right now. Kim Kardashian's sons Saint and Psalm are already best friends, so the future is looking peaceful for this busy mom.

The KKW mogul and her husband, musician Kanye West, are parents to two sons and two daughters. They share 7-year-old daughter North, 3-year-old son Saint, 1-year-old daughter Chicago, and 2-month-old baby boy Psalm. It's obviously a pretty busy life, especially having three kids aged three and under, but they seem to be making it work. Perhaps especially because the perks of watching those sibling relationships bloom into something truly special far outweighs how exhausting four kids can truly be. For example; Saint might only be three, but he already knows exactly what he wants.

And what he wants is to hang out with his baby brother. Kim shared a picture of the two little sweethearts to her social media feed on Saturday cuddled up together sleeping, or at least pretending to sleep.

Apparently Saint had a pretty special idea for a photo shoot, as his mom wrote on Twitter:

Saint said he’s gonna pretend to sleep with his brother. He always wants a pic to capture every moment. You have no idea how sweet my boys are!

I have to say, Saint could have a career in acting. I totally believed he was sleeping.

This isn't the first time this week that Saint wanted to have his photo taken with his baby brother. On Tuesday he had another special request, although that time there wasn't any acting involved.

This time around the two were in their pajamas with both boys looking directly at the camera in matching intense gazes reminiscent of their dad Kanye. Kim captioned this photo:

Saint asked me to take a pic of him and his brother this morning.

If you're worried that the two girls North and Chicago aren't hanging out, relax. Here's a video of Chi combing her sister's hair while she plays and North is being super patient about it.

No matter how much money you have or how famous you are, there are certain universal truths I think many parents share with each other. And one of those truths is that we really want our kids to love each other. Because in a perfect world siblings are meant to be your first best friends, and Kim Kardashian West herself clearly has an amazing bond with her own siblings. So it must be pretty lovely to see her little boys already developing something special.

That is until a fight breaks out, but since Psalm is still a baby she has a few years to enjoy the peace.