Kristen Bell is "exhausted" on day two of school.
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Kristen Bell Is Every Parent Feeling "Exhausted" After 2 Days Of School — PHOTO

Who is super excited and energized about navigating the education system this fall? Not many parents, that's for sure, including Kristen Bell who said she's already "exhausted" from school. In a new photo shared on Instagram, the mom of two cuddled up with her dog Frank and they both looked like they've had enough. And it was only day two.

Ever since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, The Good Place actress has become something of the patron saint for parents struggling with homeschooling issues. For example, when she sat down for a Zoom interview with fellow celeb mom Ashley Graham in April for her YouTube channel Momsplaining and told the model that her daughters were "absolutely miserable" about homeschooling. "When we started the quarantine," Bell said, "the first math sheet I gave my daughter, in all the answer lines she wrote, 'no, no, no, no, no.'"

I guess things have not improved much since then. In May, Bell shared a homeschooling photo of her 5-year-old daughter Delta and 7-year-old daughter Lincoln with their faces blocked. One daughter sat on her shoulders, the other was clinging to her arm, and her dog Frank was on her lap as she sat in front of the laptop. "Homeschool's going ok," she captioned the photo.

Months later, we are in August. And, as Bell noted in her selfie with Frank on Instagram on Tuesday, "It's only day 2 of school and Frank and I are exhausted." The saga continues.

While it's unclear if Bell and Frank are exhausted from homeschooling or sending the two girls back to school since more than 100 school districts in California where Bell lives with her family have reopened, according to Mercury News, it doesn't much matter. Parents trying to teach their kids at home are bound to be exhausted and parents worried about the new normal of brick-and-mortar schools, masks and all, probably aren't finding things much easier. Basically parenting during the pandemic is exhausting no matter how you slice it. And Bell's followers on social media were quick to empathize with her. One social media user wrote, "Week 3. 3 little girls. Struggle bus." while Bell's Frozen castmate Josh Gad, a father of two girls himself, simply wrote "Same."

As for Bell's husband Dax Shepard, he wasn't having it. Perhaps alluding to 40-year-old Bell's luminous skin in the selfie, Shepard wrote, "Tell your face! You look like you slept for a decade. #fox. #shortycantbeforty."

Enviable skin care routine notwithstanding, Bell's role as truth-keeper during COVID-19 might be my favorite role of hers yet. Because her struggle is our struggle.