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Kylie Jenner's Video Of Stormi Proves She Is All About Being "Mommy"

Kylie Jenner is going through a break up right now, I'm sure you probably heard if you've heard of the internet. She and her boyfriend of two years, rapper Travis Scott, have ended their relationship. Of course that's always sad, but what makes it even more difficult is that the two share a daughter, 20-month-old Stormi Webster. These are the times when life can get very confusing for parents as they try to navigate their new lives apart but sort of together as co-parents. But don't worry about this mom; Kylie Jenner's video of Stormi is proof positive that she has per priorities in check, break up or no break up.

The 22-year-old Lip Kit mogul confirmed via a statement on Twitter earlier this week that she and Travis Scott had, indeed, ended their relationship. While I assume she is sad about this, the young mom made it clear that both she and Travis had one person in mind above everyone else; their little girl Stormi. As Kylie wrote on Oct. 3 after multiple media reports said the couple had ended their relatioship; "Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi, our friendship and our daughter is priority."

And just in case words weren't enough to convince her fans, I hope they watch this video of Kylie coaxing a hesitant Stormi to climb across the bridge of her new "big girl" backyard play set and see what I see.

A mom who is dedicated to her child. Or as Kylie captioned the video on Instagram, "nothing better than being someone's Mommy."

In the video Stormi is nervous to cross the bridge and she is calling out for her mom, but then Kylie just keeps reminding her daughter, "You've got this!" until she agrees in her adorable little girl voice, ""I got this." She crawls slowly across to where her cousin, Kim Kardashian West's little girl Chicago, is waiting on the other side. Kylie holds Stormi's hand when she needs it but she is simply there to make sure she's okay. Like any other supportive mom would do.

Need more proof that Kylie is anchored in making this transition as easy for her daughter as possible? The little girl is wearing a Travis Scott t-shirt as she explores her new big girl play set. That's called maturity.

Ever since Kylie Jenner found out she was pregnant with her little girl she has prioritized her time as a mother. She famously dropped completely off social media and turned away from the public to enjoy her pregnancy in private, only admitting she was expecting when Stormi was born on Feb. 1 with a mini-documentary she and Travis shared on YouTube called "To Our Daughter." When trolls said negative things about Stormi as a baby she removed her pictures from social media completely.

Because celebrity status will never carry as much weight as mommy status. Just watch that video of Stormi calling out for her mommy again and again... no wonder she is the center of her world.