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Dress Up The Whole Family In These 18 'Lion King' Halloween Costumes

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It's never too early or late to start thinking about picking a Halloween costume, and your kids have probably already been talking about it for weeks. The hottest outfits are usually the ones based on recent hit movies, which means that The Lion King Halloween costumes will be flying off the shelves in stores and online warehouses in the days leading up to October 31.

Hard to believe, but the original Lion King was released in 1994, meaning that kids who watched Simba, Mufasa, Nala, and Scar when the movie first came out are now showing the DVD to their own children. Or maybe they took their kids to Disney's remake of the film, which featured the familiar plot and characters, but reimagined in lifelike CGI form. Personally, I prefer the first version (and so do my kids), but it's nice to know that new generations are still delighted by the story and music. Fans of all ages still rave about the Broadway version of The Lion King as well, because this story works equally well on stage and screen.

This assortment of Lion King costumes run the gamut from character masks to full-length suits, and most of them come in both adult and child versions (prices may vary according to size). Whether you're looking for a costume for just the kids or outfitting the whole family, you're sure to be the pride (get it?) of the neighborhood on Halloween.

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Infant Simba Costume

Show off your pride and joy with this adorable baby Simba costume. The jumpsuit includes attached mittens, as well as a detachable tail and headpiece. There’s also a hook and loop fastener to make diaper changes hakuna matata.


Kid’s Hyena Costume

Made from one bodysuit and a headpiece, this costume is super easy for kids to wear. With its built-in face on the hood and faux fur detailing, it’s a simple but convincing hyena look.


Simba Mask

For a more minimal approach to the costume, this expressive felt mask is all you need. Simply add it to a yellow outfit and you’re all set for a wild Halloween.


Kids' Simba Costume

For the kiddos who just can't wait to be king, this one-piece costume will fulfill all their royal dreams. The soft velour fabric will keep them comfortable and warm through a long afternoon or night of trick-or-treating, and the character face on the hood eliminates the need for a mask (although you could use a black makeup crayon to put a lion nose and whiskers on your child's face for added effect).


Nala Onesie

She may not have a sparkly dress or long, gorgeous hair, but make no mistake — Nala might just be the coolest Disney princess of them all. She's fearless in the face of danger, and she can take on Simba in a wrestling match any day. Your child will feel like royalty in this one-piece costume, which comes complete with a detachable tail (not that they'll want to take it off).


Lioness Set

A Lion King costume doesn't have to be head-to-toe fur. This simple three-piece set gets the idea across just as well, and it'll appeal to little lions who prefer a fancier look, or who live in areas where it stays warm even in late October. The price is a winner, too.


Men's Lion Shirt

The king of your household will be proud to sport this leonine look. It comes with a sleeveless top, an attached tail and a hood with ears, and fingerless furry gloves. Just add brown pants and shoes — and maybe some face makeup — and your Mufasa will be ready to go.


Women's Simba One-Piece

As the saying goes, you'll have no worries for the rest of your (Halloween) days when you have this easy-to-wear costume. Better still: Once the holiday is over, you can wear this onesie as a cozy pajama all winter long.


For The Littlest Cub

You might not be able to stage a Pride Rock royal presentation ceremony, but you'll still get "awwws" from the neighborhood when you carry your little cub in this adorable getup.


Rafiki Mask

The Lion King's shaman, Rafiki, is a wise mandrill baboon who helps Simba realize that he can learn from his past and take his rightful place on the throne. (He's a pretty impressive fighter, too.) This baboon mask might not make you more wise, but wearing it along with gray-themed clothes and carrying a walking staff will earn you the respect of everyone you meet.


Rafiki Suit

For grown-ups who don't mind a little extra monkey business, there's this full-length suit (complete with simian hands and feet!) that will make you the talk of the Halloween circuit. (Also a good investment if you're into cosplay and ComicCon.)


Timon Kids' Costume

The big cats aren't the only heroes in The Lion King, of course. Best buddies Timon and Pumbaa rescue little Simba after his banishment from the Pride Lands, and later help him in the battle to reclaim the throne. Your child will be the hit of any costume party when they dress up as the wisecracking meerkat.


Pumbaa Costume

They call him Mister Pig! Pumbaa may smell a little overripe at times, but he's a loyal and courageous friend when it really counts. Pair this costume with the Timon outfit above for a duo of siblings or best friends — or just pick this one for the child in your household who loves to eat things that are "slimy, yet satisfying."


Kids' Kion Suit

The Lion King inspired a spinoff TV series, The Lion Guard, which follows the adventures of Simba and Nala's cubs. Kion, their son, is the leader of the Lion Guard, "the team that defends the Pride Lands and protects the Circle of Life," according to Disney. This costume will be such a hit with your own fierce little cub that they might want to wear it even after the Halloween decorations are put away.


Simba Mask

For older teens or adults who really want to stand out this holiday, you can't get bolder than this full-sized Simba mask. Get this: When you talk, the mask's mouth moves too, revealing a realistic tongue and teeth. Are you a villain at heart? The company also sells a movable Scar mask.


Lovely Lioness

If you're the queen of all you survey, you deserve to show it to the world. This jumpsuit Nala outfit is easy to get around in, which is especially useful if you're leading a group of rambunctious cubs.


Mask Set

Need an easy (and cheap!) costume idea for a group? Pass around these masks and you're all set. The set of nine not only includes Simba, Nala, and Scar, but also harder-to-find characters like Zazu and Banzai the hyena.


Pet Lion Mane

Want to get everybody in the family in on the Lion King theme? Pop this mane on your dog (or cat, if it's mellow enough), and you've got an instant mini-lion ready to accompany you on your Halloween travels.

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